Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I've been up to lately Part III

Here's another quick update of things that I've been doing lately :)

I have been going out often but I'm just too lazy to take pictures and I don't wish to bombard you all with words only here. Somehow, I lost the interest to take photos. Maybe because I think my camera doesn't produce good quality photos as compared to other bloggers who're so rich to afford a DSLR. So a bit of a turn off to show mine wtf.

Anyhow!!!! Here are some photos to share :)

1. I went to watch Avatar the day they are up in cinema :D

Best part? I watched it in 3D!!! Before entering to the cinema, each of us were given a 3D specs.

To my horror, it's sooooo... erm... ugly T_T

Okay, the specs quality is good compared to the 3D specs that I wore many years ago but still! Still ugly.

And so, everyone in the cinema ended up looking like Black Rose from Old Time Buddy movie hahahahaha

Overall, the movie is pretty good :) On the downside, the starting part is a bit too slow but overall is okay. The movie practically shows the ugly side of humans though :( Like, the selfishness and cruelty in us wtf.

On a positive note, the lead actor is handsome!!! ^^

2. Christmas eve was spent by going for a drink and snacks with uni friend in USJ. Left USJ at around 12+ and adjourned to ss2 mamak for yamcha with secondary school friends. To the very least, my Xmas eve was well spent :)

Last year, I don't even remember if I went out to celebrate Christmas or not. Even if I do, I think last year was the worst year for me ever. If you lose a person dearest to you, eventually you'll have no mood to celebrate anything at all :(

3. On Christmas day, went out to Tropicana City Mall for a movie with uni friend because One Utama was crowded with people and my friend doesn't have One card like me. To my surprise, the usually empty Tropicana mall was sibeh packed on that day! I didn't expect that to be honest :p

Watched Princess and the Frog because Sherlock Holmes' earliest screening time was already selling fast. I don't want to sit at the first few rows lor!!! Speaking of which, the moment we went in to the cinema, there were a bunch of KIDS who sat on OUR seats.

Feeling agitated, I asked them if they got their seats right. One of them answered 'Yes'. Firmly.

And they refused to budge!!! I stood there like an idiot asking them to check their seating properly and they kept telling me that they got their seats correct wtf. After sometime, they found out that they got theirs wrong and moved their asses away from mine.

On a positive note, one of them apologised. And I have someone to warm up my seat for me -_- I've been very positive in order not to spoil my Xmas mood lol.

4. Dinner was picked randomly and we decided to settle at Food and Tea restaurant. They have 200 over choices and those that we ordered were pretty good! Farrrrr better than *cough* Wong Kok, *cough* those commercialized restaurants.

5. For Christmas this year, I bought some small gifts for my Christian friends :) I felt bad to those who got me something last year but I was unable to return them anything (due to some personal reason), so I make up for it this year. I remember if I owe people stuff 1 lor!

Christmas presents :)))

For close friends, I bought them Famous Amos cookies!

Famous Amos Red Heart Tin No Nut Choc Chip 90g wtf.

Sorry this is for girls only because it's in heartshape lah! What if guys misunderstand me??? :p

Ferrero Rocher for family as Xmas gift :)

Another box belongs to Yung Hui btw. We get to purchase at staff price because Diethelm is our holding company :D

Kinder egg for myself and a cute little Xmas bear hp hanger for another friend :)

I was excited and immediately requested to buy one from my colleague who bought a few from Diethelm after her trip over. RM2 only! :D

I'm shy to admit this but... I've never tried this before *shy*

When you open it, you'll get to see 2 small tumors-lookalike chocolate.

Okay, it may seem ugly but it's pretty nice to eat I must say! I ate it with a spoon LOL! Never judge a chocolate by its look!

A toy in the other.

Hahahahahaha wtf.

Have a wonderful week ahead :)

A brand new year will be here soon! Hopefully things will be smooth for me in 2010!

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