Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I've been up to lately Part II

1. My HR manager is super funny.

While having lunch with her (and other colleagues as well), she told me to stop calling XXX "tai lou" (brother) because I'm deterring him from taking further steps wtf. I laughed non-stop because everyone in the whole damn office is trying to pair us up and it's causing the both of us a whole lot of embarrassment.

The fact is, there isn't any spark between us!!! And we both are arguing and teasing each other like siblings.

2. I found a new ss2 Murni branch!!!

Found it when I was scouting for a quiet cafe for a drink with friend and I thought of this very cosy and quiet place at Aman Suria. Upon arriving, I was surprised to see Murni boss there serving us.

Turns out, that cafe belongs to him :)

Food and drinks offered are the same as Murni!

Imma gonna frequent to that place instead of Murni already because finding a car park and a table to seat us are a pain in the ass in ss2. Unlike Aman Suria, parking is aplenty and it's very quiet - perfect place for a good chat with friends.

I think I sat there for almost 3 hours, merely chatting wtf.

3. I didn't log in to Facebook for more than a month already. So anything, please don't leave messages in my FB inbox. Leave an offline message in MSN for me is the best option if you want to save on your phone credit.

4. Have been shopping every single freaking week.

Damn broke until I can appear in The Star newspaper for begging in front of Kelana LRT station wtf.

5. Bought a book that I've been eyeing for quite some time :D

Wild Swans by Jung Chang.

Worldwide bestseller that has sold more than 10 million copies. But I'm really slow in reading because I only get to read it before going to bed every night T_T

6. Souvenir from a colleague who went to Melaka for a short trip :)

I love my colleagues!

7. I cut my hair and decided to keep it straight.

Sibeh dry T_____________T

And I really need to redye my hair :(

Actually... no lah. I just showed you my shortest layer of hair. My hair at the back can almost reach my waistline now. Too long! Me no likey. Gonna cut it soon! :p

Was about to curl my hair. This is the reason why my hair is sooooo dry - I style my hair on a daily basis!!!

But for the sake of beauty, certain things would need to be sacrificed.

Don't look down on how a hairstyle can change a person's look okay. It does make a HUGE difference!!!

After curling my hair :D

My colleagues gave me a lot of titles and the latest is 'The Trendsetter'. Ever since I started working for this company, almost every girls asked me about my curls! Like, where did I perm my hair, how much, how to maintain and etc.

They were shocked when I said I curled them myself! Every now and then, I have people asking me about hair curling tips, beauty tips and etc. I can start a course already I swear!!! :p

Suddenly, all the girls in the office began to curl their own hair hahahahaha. But they said none of them can have result like mine.


1) Practice makes perfect. I've tried curling many times before I managed to get this result.

2) Trial and error. With practice, I know which way of curling gives me the curls that suits me best. And also avoid burning myself wtf.

3) Most importantly, I have very thick hair. Thick hair gives very nice curls. The end.

Everyday I go to work with pressure because I'm my hair is constantly being watched by people. And my dressing as well!!! LOL. Seriously, I think I'll make a very good endorser because I only recommend things/give tips that I think is good/useful and people always trust me for it. Happy!

8. More souvenirs from colleagues!

(right) A new colleague gave me 2 Macadamia & Almond nougats that her relatives bought from Australia ^^ It's freakingggg nice!!! I swear it's nicer than all the nougats that I've eaten throughout 22 years of my life wtf.

(left) My Accounts Manager went to Bali and got each of us a key chain :D

Little things like this make me very happy :) I'm not hard to satisfy.

9. Have been eating a lot of home cooked food lately.

Simple home cooked food like this for example.

It's odd to say this but I'm beginning to miss cooking already. However, I don't have the time to cook ever since I started working because I have to either work overtime or I'm too tired to cook after work :(

So my mum cooks whenever she's home early.

10. Found my current new favourite drink.

Pokka Melon Milk on the right :D

It's sooooooo nice omg I love it! If you like honey milk or any drinks with milk, do give this a try ;)

Gosh it's soooo late already! Better off to bed otherwise I won't be able to wake up later in the morning!


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