Friday, December 11, 2009

Today I don't have to work!!!

Got to love public holidays! I mean, Selangor holidays :p

I'm really happy that I don't have to work for 3 days straight because I need to take a break. Seriously.

Yesterday I got a pleasant surprise from Florence. She came to my office to visit me :D Initially she told me that she can't come because of some works that she has to settle. While attending to a client, I sensed someone was standing behind me - for about 3meters away. When I turned over, I saw her standing there - smiling. What a surprise! What a great friend :)

I really felt sorry for her. Not only I can't go off sharp at 5.30pm with her, I made her stayed in the office with me till 8.30pm because I have so much work to do since I won't be working for the next 3 days.

Florence is really cute okay. She said that she wanted to take pic of me working wtf. And she finally saw how busy my work is. But I think she's more amused to see how the rest of my colleagues flirted with me hahahahaha wtf.

So at around 8.45pm, I went home to get my car and headed to Chow Yang with her for dinner and a walk at pasar malam. Gosh I miss going to pasar malam seriously! Most of my friends dislike going to pasar malam because they think it's hot and have too many people so I'm always unable to find a suitable kaki to accompany me :(

While looking for a place to dine, we bumped into Chin Howe!! What a small world eh? Few weeks ago I went yamcha with high school friends at ss2 and I bumped into a group of Form 6 friends and another group of Form 5 friends in the same shop!

PJ is indeed my world :p

Alright I got to go out for yamcha now... Toodles~

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