Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm copying something that I wrote in Twitter yesterday. So those who followed me on Twitter, this is a repetition.

Assuming that you are a guy and you need to shit in the office badly. Then realised that your female colleague has been taking her own sweet time doing don't know what in the toilet. Will you:

a) Bang on the door as hard as you could because you are pissed.

b) Knock on the door softly and ask her to be quick.

c) Wait till you shat in your pant.

Do take into consideration that you are a guy and you are dealing with a female colleague! You can't be too rude or fierce with her because she has no idea that you want to pangsai so badly. You are ego. You don't want the whole office to know that you want to shit in the office, geddit?

In my opinion, if you choose either 1 of the above mentioned...

a) You are not a gentleman. Please go for anger management class.

b) You are normal.

c) Please go and see a doctor.

Okay this happened in my office 2 days ago when my female colleague was in the toilet. She was waiting for the water to fill up, hence she stayed pretty long in the toilet because she thought all the colleagues were out for lunch. Then, this male colleague wanted to shit but he didn't want to tell anyone so he waited outside for quite some time.

He then got angry and banged on the door loudly and even screamed at her for occupying the toilet and not being considerate -_-

I'm not going to explain what happened in between but all I can say is... at the end of the day, the whole world knows that he argued with my colleague because he wanted to shit in the office hahahahahaha

The end.

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