Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just installed Windows 7 and omfg it's sooooo nice!!!! So futuristic! Absolutely love their "Mac-inspired" interface lor! But on the downside, I have a lot to reinstall T_T I'm left with nothing with a recycle bin only can you believe it? *sob*

But off to sleep now! Will reinstall everything tomorrow after work instead :)

It's my brother's birthday tomorrow, 30th December!



And subsequently updating it to Windows 7.

My brother's friend who's kind enough to fix my laptop for me (for free) said that my laptop is seriously infected with virus so he advised me to reformat it FML.

I guess I'll be doing it tonight. And take my own sweet time to reinstall all my programs 1 by 1 so if you don't see me online at night in these few days, please be informed. But I'll still online in office in using ebuddy anyway can still chat with me during the day :D

But confirm I'll be updating my Twitter so get my latest updates from there :) I've just changed my profile pic in Twitter somemore wtf so irrelevant.

Anyhow, miss me!!!

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