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FA Staff Party

Are you happy to see people dressed up according to the theme?

Are you happy to see colourful pictures?

Are you happy to read about any company's staff party?

Are you happy just by seeing people... happy?

If so, read on.

First of all, I get really annoyed when people don't dress according to the theme :( Like, what's the point of coming to people's party if you don't plan to obey the rule(s) to make the host happy?

But adult's party (okay it sounds so wrong here but you get what I mean, don't you? :p) is SO different! Everyone's excited and actually planned out their dressing in advance just to make the party a successful one.

I love party like this ^^ I'm happy whenever people cooperate to make things work out.

At that time, despite joining the company for only a week, I can't believe I actually agreed to attend the staff party when a couple of new staff (who came in slightly earlier or later than me) gave it a pass because they said they are "not ready".

What about me? I still don't quite recognise everyone's faces but I think people should always be more outgoing and mingle around :)

I was asked to help my HR manager with the registration.

All staff have to register themselves and they'll be given a raffle, glowstick and....

...a door gift each :)

Door gifts are kindly sponsored by Cadbury. Sibeh generous of them because they sponsored quite a few cartons of chocolates for our event.

Garland of flowers that were given only to the higher management staff.

I thought I won't be given the garland because I'm new and from the list I saw, the names were all the managers and franchisees. But shockingly enough, I saw my name there! T_____T

My manager included my name in the list so I get to wear them on. Initially I thought the idea was cool because it *cough* distinguishes the level between the staff (not my idea so don't say I'm showing off) but when the rest of the people arrived, some of them actually bought the garlands themselves and it's much nicer than ours some more wtf.

Hahahaha these 2 managers are super funny! On the left is Andy and right is Daniel.

The tagline for our party was "Hawaiian Night 2009" so everyone have to dress up according to the theme.

The moment I saw Andy, I thought he was a waiter from Ming Tien food court located opposite of our office and I kept laughing at him the whole night for this. People who have been to Ming Tien before would know what I mean because Ming Tien has the same freaking theme hahahaha.

More and more 'Ming Tien waiters' flooding in hahahaha

This Sham even wore an Afro wig. And bought the garland himself.

Set up of the cafe owned by our company as well.

Dessert section.

Awesomely delicious food prepared by one of my manager!

She's like my idol okay. She's very capable at work, a good cook as well as a wonderful mother and wife. I wonder how she managed to juggle between work and family. I hope I can be like her in future wtf I must be dreaming.

Jaclyn with Fauziah.

Fauziah is the first staff I'm close to because she's forever so sweet and helpful towards me. She's forever so happy-go-lucky so I feel very relaxed whenever I see her :D


These 2 scandalous people :p

Not sure how true the story is but I heard they both got together while working for this company! But no chance for me because I can barely see Chinese males in my office FML. My office comprises of 80% females lah!!!


Fiza (receptionist), Angie (HR manager), Rose and I-don't-know-her-name.

I LOVE hanging out with Fiza because she's the funniest girl in the whole company I swear!!! Each time I chat with her, confirm I can laugh non-stop.

Me with the wonderful girls :)

As for the flower on my hair, I plucked it out from my garland and pinned it on with my hairclip hahahaha.

Look at the flowers that the girls are wearing! Pretty isn't it? They specially bought it from somewhere just for this event. Whoaaa... so committed!

Speaking of taking photos, I felt so embarrassed. When I went inside, wanting to grab some food, I have a few guys stopping me and requested to take pics with me -__- So I said okay but they all wanted to take individual photos with me so I stood there like a mannequin posing with each of them and I didn't realise that there's actually a queue beside where all were waiting to take photos with me WTF.

Not long later, someone exclaimed loudly, "Wahhh... Why everyone wants to take pic with Jaclyn? Is she a model or what? Nobody wants to take pic with me lah?!?!"

If you ask me now, I don't remember who said that nor who asked to have a photo taken with me. Being a new staff and feeling very lost that night because of not knowing 90% of the people there, I was very embarrassed.

There were a few performances by the staff that night too :)

Malay dance by our HQ staff.

Other performances include the very interesting Indian dance, sketch, singing, fashion show and other dances by the staff from all around Malaysia.


Everyone watching excitedly because of this show.....

Men dressed up as women and vice versa wtf.

Hahahahahahaha performers with Angie.

The cow"boy" is actually a girl okay! LOL.

After all the performances, the DJs turned the whole dance floor to a mini 'club' by spinning the latest club hits. You may not believe me but all my managers and staff are hardcore clubbers okay! LOL. The dance floor was packed with them while youngsters like me were seated at the side watching because somehow, somehow it feels ODD to dance with your MANAGERS or BOSS okay.

Besides, I don't know most of the people there and I don't dance when I'm sober wtf. All I did was sitting there for the whole night smsing or chatting with the people who came to approach me. I drank quite a lot that night - mostly wine and beer because I kept having people taking drinks for me wtf. The table was full of my drinks because I couldn't finish all of it (give face by drinking a bit from each drinks given to me) as I have to drink with a limit. I drove that night.

Thank you to those who asked me to dance and keep taking drinks for me. I know I was being very "unfriendly" or not sporting that night because I was SOOOOOO sleepy and tired from work but I can't go home early T_T

Speech by the owner of the company. My boss is a lady!

In conjunction with her birthday, everyone decided to combine both the birthday and staff party together to make it a big and happening one.

Happy Birthday Boss!

Even the cake is a Hawaiian one!

3-tiered Hawaiian cake that cost RM500++!

My boss may not seems like it but she's 70 years old already!!! Still so young looking and healthy!

Sidetrack a bit. On the following day, there was another party for her close friends and the theme was The 70's. Interested to see her 70's theme birthday cake?

So cute!!! This cake costs RM800++!

In total, the company spent RM1300+ for 2 cakes alone. So generous of them.

Okay back to the party. I finally couldn't stand it already and left at 1.30am because I still have to work on the following day! The staff party was organised on a Wednesday and the following day we still have to drag ourself to work early in the morning. Damn crazy can?

My almost dead garland and glowsticks.

Door gifts :)

Look of the day. Dress bought from online blogshop.

OHYA! Before I forget, I WON MYSELF A RICE COOKER from the lucky draw :D All the prizes are sponsored by clients and we have 200 prizes to give away that night. I was among the lucky brat :)

My rice cooker costs RM79.90 wtf the sponsor purposely don't want to remove the pricetag some more. First prize is a hotel package costs RM1k plus I think. Not too sure about that since the lucky person wasn't me T_T

On the following day, ladyboss' room was flooded with flowers and presents!


There were more presents on the floor but I didn't bother to take pic of them.

So good to be a boss!

p/s - Some photos are taken by YL with company's camera. Most of it are from my own camera.

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