Thursday, November 05, 2009

What's New?

So what's new that happened to my life lately, making it slightly more interesting?

1. For the first time, I got my interview time mixed up! My interview was scheduled at 10am but I went at 2pm wtf. I have too many interviews till I got the time mixed up -_- The previous time I got the 2 companies mixed up FML. Initially the interview wasn't very pleased when she saw me. But nonetheless, I got offered the job on the spot again :D The interviewer likes me in the end so I don't have to go for second interview in order to secure the position hahahaha. They'll wait for me to make up my mind whether to work for them or not :) How nice!

2. Went for lunch at Nirwana Maju, Bangsar with Miss A and Timmy!

XU THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! xD She loves banana leaf rice at Nirwana as much as I do but she'll be back in another 2 years' time to devour this :p

3. Reason for meeting up with Miss A and Timmy is to get this from Miss A!

Miss A is selling off her very new curling iron to me after reading my tweet about wanting to buy a 1" curling thong because my current 1.5" is a bit too big. Thanks a lot dear!!! ^^

I would strongly recommend you girls out there to buy either a 19mm or a 25mm curling iron. Don't buy a 38mm (like mine) one because the curls are simply way too big! Hence it doesn't stay long after curling it. I just tried out my new 19mm curling iron yesterday night. Yes, the curls may seems a little too small after curling it but after it has loosen up (usually after more than an hour), it looks SO PERFECT! It's still wavy by now and it looks really, really pretty :D

If you want your curls to last and gives a sexy wavy curls after a few hours, go for 19mm or 25mm one. If you want a big elegant curls that looks naturally wavy, go for the 38mm curling thong :)

Jaclyn's 101 tip: If you bought a small diameter curling iron but wanna loose curls, you just don't curl it too tighly. If you want small curls so that it'll last longer, curl it tighter and longer a bit. That means if you have a small diameter curling iron, you can create both big and small curls. You can't do so if you have a large one though. Always ensure that you protect your hair with heat protector spray before curling of course. Ohya, get a curling iron with ceramic coating okay ;)

4. Shopping is the best retail therapy!

Yes I purposely shopped for my clubbing at Poppy because I don't want to repeat my dressing in almost every photos.

Love white and red stuff! :p

5. Bought something that I've been looking for a long time.

A waist clincher! I'm a pretty fussy person. I've been searching high and low for a nice waist clincher around for months and I finally found one :D Sibeh cheap until I can cry man.

6. I have green eyes now.

My new pair of contact len has just arrived and now I have green eyes! Are you green with envy? :p

Now I can have brown, grey or green eyes! I wear them alternately so it depends on your luck if you want to see me with my green contacts hahaha.

7. Dad bought my favourite drink.

Yogurt drink :)))

I love yogurt drinks and I don't usually care about the brand as long as it is yogurt drink xD Dad bought like, 3 big bottles for me in the fridge! I'm going to drink it slowly while gaming or watching drama hahahaha.

When I was out for lunch with Miss A yesterday, she ordered a REAL yogurt drink from the restaurant. I took a sip and I almost died. It tasted so bad!!!! T_T I'm sorry to say this Miss A but it's really, really bad +_+ Sourish and the taste is weird. Worse than spoilt milk or yogurt wei.

You people should try that if you are adventurous enough.
But I'm not held liable okay if anything happens wtf.

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