Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I've been up to lately

In case people are wondering what I've been up to lately since I've cut down on blogging so much, here's a brief summary of my past activities:-

1) Went yamcha with secondary school and university friends. This is something that I won't compromise no matter how busy or tired I am because I love keeping in touch with my friends.

2) Li Lee dear went to Melaka for a short trip with Meng Fai and she got me this as souvenir :D She reads my blog so she knows what I like lately xD THANKS A LOT BABE!!! I loveeee it ^^

3) Some may while some may NOT know about this... I've been working for quite some time already now. The reason why I did not want to blog about it is because I didn't want certain people who read my blog to know about my latest updates and I don't want to mention company's name just in case my managers google me wtf.

Reason why I'm telling it now is because I think these few people already know about my latest update through my close friends.

Work has been VERY stressful initially but I'm getting the hang of it within a few days and now I don't dread going to work anymore :) I work directly under a few managers and I have nobody to guide me at all so it's either I do or die on my own. But I'm surviving now without any scoldings by far. Hallelujah. *keeping my fingers crossed*

Those who thinks I'm too young and inexperienced for this position and hence don't wish to work under me by not listening to me, I tell you what, only time will tell. I won't say much. I'll just show you results that I'm capable of being your superior.

This is how I usually dress to work. My clothes are pretty repetitive now because I haven't gotten my salary yet to buy clothes wtf. Next week!!!! :D

4) Time flies. In a blink of eyes, it's been a year since you left us and it reminds me again of why I'm forced to come back to Malaysia during my semester break last year. It has been a year since I last cried and all my friends have never seen me cry before because I'm cold blooded wtf. Okay, except for my ex-roommate who saw me sobbing away upon receiving the news that changed my life forever.

Always remember that I love and miss you always.

5) Got last minute call from Yung Hui to go to KL with her to meet up with Sazie, her ex-housemate from Australia who dropped by in Malaysia for a day before heading to Singapore.

Dressing of the day. Still got time to camwhore wtf.

Met up with Sazie at Times Square's Starbucks for a drink and catch ups :)

She was telling us about her 1-day experience in Malaysia. And they were rather unpleasant ones though. One of it was when she got scoldings from a Malays customer service lady from LCCT who refused to help her out with her flight schedule. Like, damn wtf right? Sazie's a tourist. And that lady's a CS. WHY DID YOU REFUSED TO HELP HER??? You are projecting a very bad image of a Malaysian to tourists! I hope you don't treat every tourists like that, woman!

Yung Hui was very excited to meet up with Sazie - even for a few hours. Sazie will be travelling to Singapore and Hong Kong all on her own!!! So independant right?

I was really tired and sleepy when Yung Hui called. I kept yawning in the car. Actually, I was about to bath and sleep already but ended up going with her because she asked me to. Unsafe for her to go to KL alone at night too.

6) Visited to another very popular dry bak kut teh restaurant :D This time it's so much nearer - Puchong! I'll write an entry about it soon.


7) Attended company's Staff Party with the Hawaiian theme. It was fun but it would be better if I know more people that night. Will blog about it in another entry.

My look on that night :D Can spot the flower on my hair?

8) Celebrated mum's birthday by treating her to a dinner at Little Korea in Solaris. Since it's a pretty good restaurant, it deserves an entry on its own.

I love Korean food :p

9) Went to another good restaurant recommended by people today!

What's popular here is their duck drumstick noodle! Sibeh good until I want to write a separate entry for it!!!

Gosh I have to many entries to write but I keep procrastinating by watching dramas, working or going out with friends. Moreover, I've been sleeping really early lately so I don't have time to sit down in front of my laptop to blog a proper entry.

For instance, I'm writing this entry in a rush because I got to sleep already T_T
Tomorrow got to work. This is working life man...

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