Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thank You for the Love

Few days ago I went back to my ex-company to get a recommendation letter from the CFO.

I was excited.

Excited not because I'm getting the letter but simply because I'm finally meeting my lovely ex-colleagues! I went there straight after my interview in the afternoon. Driving along the road in Oldtown and passing by the shops and companies that I used to see everyday back then were simply nostalgic.

I still remember the moment I stepped into the Finance department, I heard screaming from my colleagues, "JACLYN!!! You're back!!!!"

Their smiles and warmth were just too hard to ignore :D

Sadly to say, almost half of the staffs have already left the company to further their studies.

Frankly speaking, I did not expect them to still remember me because I thought I'm an easily forgotten person. I do not make an impact on people's life. An insignificant person. So... I would say that that was a wonderful surprise.

What surprised me the most was that Mr Yap still remembers me!!! Mr Yap is a grandfather (of I don't know how many grandchildren) and I was told that he doesn't remember people easily due to the high turnover rate in the Finance department.

While I stood there chatting and catching up with my ex-colleagues, he came over to greet me! He said, "Initially I thought you looked familiar, like I've seen you somewhere. But the moment I listen to your voice (wtf!), I remembered who you are already hahaha. You're back from Australia eh?"

Awwwwwww Mr Yap... Thank you for remembering my face and most importantly, my voice wtf.

My colleagues were surprised that Mr Yap actually remembered me because I worked there for a month only while others who worked there for months he don't remember at all :p I'm proud okay.

Uncles and aunties from my previous companies all love me. I get big ang paus from them during CNY and Mr Yap gave me another ang pau before I left the company *touched* While uncles and aunties treated me like their own daughter by taking care of me, younger ones all love me as a friend :) People from all sorts of departments know who Jaclyn was back then wtf. Some even came to Finance department on purpose just to befriend with me hahahaha.

However, 1 thing didn't change though. My colleagues are still very interested with my personal life -_- They kept asking me if I'm dating already, so and so from which department still got contact me or not and etc =.='''

Now you know why I dislike grapevine especially when I'm the one getting involved. The rumors within the company early this year were all about me lor! Like, people from all different departments (more than 10 departments!) were talking about me hence whenever I walk around, I have people mentioning my name when they see me T_T

I seriously have no idea what those rumors were all about. But 1 thing for sure, almost all managers knew who I was. Once, I was too curious so I asked one of the manager how come she knows my name and she said, "You are so popular here. Who doesn't know you? But don't worry, it's nothing bad. All good stuff"

Thanks but that didn't quite answer my question.

Maybe... just maybe, the news of me getting promoted within a week spread to other departments? That is something good at least :D

Back on track. All of them asked me to come back to the company to work :( I feel bad because I'm reluctant to. I wish to go out to experience more of the world outside - to learn and meet a variety of people. I don't wish to be confined within the same company. I hope they'd understand. Thanks for the offer anyway :)

These are the people that I treasure a lot! Soon I'll be meeting up with those colleagues who left to study! I haven't meet up with my ex-colleagues from the company that I worked for 3 years ago though. They kept pestering me to meet up but I'm just too lazy :p Pokai some more.

All in all, thanks all for loving me! I love you all toooooooo!
Thanks for all the wonderful memories~