Thursday, November 19, 2009


Whoever wants to buy big curling iron, the biggest I can find is only 32mm from Sungei Wang Plaza. It costs roughly RM188 from a particular shop that I asked so whoever is interested, can email or PM me in MSN for the shop's details. I DO NOT endorse for the shop or whatsoever so everything is at your own risk. But I would advise buyer to walk around and compare the price before purchasing since there are so many similar shops like this in Sg Wang.

And yes, the biggest I can find is 32mm. They don't sell 38mm like mine though. Yet, many sellers don't advise to buy big curling iron because the curls are too loose. So you decide :)


Seriously days have been extremely repetitive lately. There are many new things to learn, tonnes of things to remember and a lot of stamina is needed.

Life's good, says who?

It is so damn true that the older we get, the more worries we have. And the amount of pressures and responsibilities that we give ourselves are not easy to bear at times. But that's how we human mature and grow up, right?

Fortunately, it's easy for girls to release stress. WE SHOP! I have been crazily shopping in these couple of days that it's freaking me out by the amount of money spent within a couple of days' time. My wardrobe is so full that I can no longer hang my ironed clothes inside.

I thought of clearing my wardrobe again but I'm pretty sure that my parents will not be pleased because I just did that 3 months ago after I came back to Malaysia. They saw the 3 big plastic bags of clothes that I wanted to give away/donate and most of them were new so they think I'm damn good in wasting money due to my impulse buying attitude T___T

My room is like pigsty - with my clothes hanging all over the place and I don't have time to sweep my room too :( Kanasai why 1 day only has 24 hours??? If time doesn't passes quickly, I might still be 18 years old wtf.

On a random note, my neighbour's house just got broken into -______- Safety in PJ is really bad so residence of Taman Mayang has decided to make our place a gated community by employing a few security guards who start their duty at 7pm-7am.

But these burglars are so smart!!! They decided to break into houses during the DAY now because they know very well that people are working and there's no security/police to patrol during the day wtf.

Welcome to Malaysia.

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