Monday, November 02, 2009

The night we partied at Zouk

I actually wanted to combine both my clubbing outings into 1 entry but I have too many photos to post up so I guess I shall separate both in order not to confuse you all. I know for sure people will complain to me that the entry is too long, too many photos, etc.

So I shall spare you people some mercy wtf.

I went to a last minute clubbing 2 weeks ago with Shennie (Shen Ling) and Sherry (Cheok Tho). Well, it was Thursday and I was chatting with Sherry like usual and suddenly she suggested to go clubbing. So last minute we sent out mass smses to friends and everything was confirmed at 10pm. Sherry said her friend will be coming to her house by 10.45pm so I can't be late.

That simply means that I have 15mins to prepare myself. That 15mins was crazy; as if the world is going to end and I have to safe myself wtf. I bathed in 5mins time (yes 5mins!!! Freaking new record for myself!!!), grabbed whatever clothes that were in front of me, get changed and packed my clothes because I'll be staying over at Sherry's place that night.

In order to save time, I even did my make up in the car! My dad was obviously not pleased - not because I'm going to club but because I was being extremely last minute :(

Being the usual punctual self, I was early! xD Rushed like mad, make up was hastily done and I kinda regretted my dressing on that day T_T

I drove Sherry's car that night! Since I don't know the way to Zouk, we tailed Wayne's (Sherry's friend) car. This is my first time driving to club hahahaha because girls are usually being drive what! Nonetheless, Wayne was so kind to pay for our parking that night :)

Shennie, Sherry, Jaclyn, Josh (I THINK so. Or perhaps George? No idea).

Coincidentally Shennie were going to Zouk with her friends so we followed her friends in hahahaha wtf. That night, Sherry and I have 2 groups of friends to join - either Wayne's group or Shennie's friends (also called Wayne @.@). Both their groups were extremely BIG! They have SO many friends with them so I felt so lost that night =.='''

Shennie, Wayne (Sherry's friend), Jaclyn.

I think Shennie looked really sweet in the photo above :)

LOL I still remember Wayne told us that he thought Shennie's name was Sydney hahahahahaha omg I almost died of laughing!

Shennie & Jaclyn.

I enjoy hanging out with this girl because she's such a joker!

Sherry & myself.

Sigh. Bad hair day man T____T

By the way, Sherry's camera takes such clear photos! The flash's so even out unlike my camera *sob*

Sherry & Wayne.

They looked so sweet, right? :p

Shennie & Wayne.

Sherry & Shennie. Both names sound pretty similar, no?

Funny thing on that night was, while I was chatting with Sherry, suddenly someone tapped my shoulder and turned my body over. I was shocked. I thought who's in such hurry to talk to me? Turns out, a girl just want to give me a small yellow badge =.=''' And I was the only person she gave it to.

Of all people there, she insisted to give me that badge even when I'm talking to my friend. She could just give it to those girls who stood beside me. Such a weird girl LOL!

Thanks anyway yea ^^

The other girl is my high school junior - Pui San. Such a beauty after high school :D

Don't bother asking about the other 2 guys. I don't know them and for the whole night they kept asking us to drink drink drink and drink only LOL.

After clubbing, Shennie, Wayne, Sherry and I went for a drink at Murni before heading home! As usual I didn't sleep for the whole night so I ended up reading magazines and helped Sherry out a bit with her assignment.

The next morning we both went for McD breakfast, sent her to UTAR and I drove her car back to her house and chatted with her mama while waiting for my dad to pick me up. I even had 2 interviews to attend and I think I screwed up badly wtf.

That's about it. Next entry will be another clubbing entry with uni friends :)

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