Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm utterly upset now!!!

My baby 3.5 year old laptop is facing a problem where I can't come online :( Everything's fine. Just that the wireless button is not working. It can't seem to turn on no matter what. The funny thing is, I don't turn off my wireless before shutting down my laptop so that means I don't touch that button at all. It just don't work out of a sudden wtf. So brother said he'll help me out by asking his friend to solve the problem for me and if they can't, I need to send it to Digital Mall for repair T_T

Hopefully it won't take too many days, don't have to reformat (most important of all!) and it won't cost much. FML.

You must be wondering how am I able to write this crap when I just mentioned that my laptop is having problem now. I'm currently using my youngest brother's laptop since he doesn't use it and was left at a corner to collect dusts.

His laptop's model is the same as mine - just that his one is newer (1 year old?). Windows Vista some more cisssss! Mine using Windows XP only okay T____T

Initially eldest brother offered me to use his laptop and I thought he was so kind to lend me his Mac but yea, I'm just dreaming. What he meant was his old laptop wtf. If I were to use that old junk, I might as well use my youngest bro's new laptop -_-

Since I can't upload photos now in order to avoid having too many of my personal stuff being transferred to this current laptop that I'm using, I guess I shall post it up next time! I hope my baby will be fine sooooooon :'(

On a happier note, I'll be catching a movie tomorrow!!!! ^^ I love movies wtf I'm behaving like a kid. For quick update on my daily life, add me on Twitter okay? Whoever friends who have Twitter, please add me!!! To those who don't have an account but you want to know about my updates/gossips/rants/etc, I guess you just have to come back to read from my sidebar :)

Those who are done with their exams, congrats!!! MERDEKA! xD

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