Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have a Hawaiian Aloha Nite party tomorrow!!! As you can read, the theme is Hawaiian.

I really don't know if I should be happy or not. I kinda regret for confirming my attendance because I'm pretty sure that I'll be dead tired by then, as well as tomorrow morning. Best of all, the party is going to end at 2.30am wtf!!!

And everyone is expecting even LATER than that. FML.

I'm so going to leave by 11 or so because I sleep at 12am wtf. Oh! I just googled Hawaiian theme dressing and I realised that the dressing is so... casual. THAT'S EXACTLY HOW THE MING TIEN FOOD COURT WAITERS DRESS!!!!

The party is going to be pretty classy but the theme... the theme is so kanasai.

Since I am poor, I don't plan to buy new clothes. I don't dress sexily so bikini or coconut shells (wtf) are out as well. I'm going to dress exactly the way I usually dress when I'm out with friends! But more flowery perhaps.

Like this!

I plann to wear this floral kimono that I bought recently! I loveeee this dress so so so much okay! ^^

I'm going to tie my hair into a bun and attach a flower on it as well. How's it? Hawaiian enough??? But dammit by my tying my hair up, my face is going to look 10x rounder T____T I hope the photographers won't take my photos wtf.

p/s - I took some photos lately! Going to post another entry soon :D

p/p/s - Happy Birthday to my favourite cousin sister!

p/p/p/s - It's mum's birthday tomorrow! We planned to celebrate it on Thurs night instead because Fri is a public holiday so we can hang out till late at night. Dinner's gonna cost around RM300 - to which will be footed by my elder bro and myself T______T

p/p/p/p/s - I'm sleepy now so I'm not going to wish my mum sharp at 12. So here goes...

Happy Birthday Mum!

Good night :)

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