Friday, November 13, 2009

Ben & Us

Had strawberry ice-cream (not Ben & Jerry ice cream btw) 2 nights ago and I felt so cheated! :(

Why so small one??? T_______T

Kanasai ekonomi meleset to the maximum wtf.

Yesterday was a happy day! :D

Finally I get to meet up with Li Lee after so many weeks~! I really cannot live without my close friends okay. So whenever I didn't see them for weeks, I felt like YEARS wtf.

Meng Fai, I didn't see you for 2 years already, right? And I didn't see Andy for 14 years already hahahaha. The bunch of girls in Australia, it has been such a LONG TIME OKAY!!!!!! *sob*

Wore my new top :) Double the happiness!

I looked pregnant FML.

Decided to glam it up with a clincher...

But I thought it was a bit too much to wear like that because I'll be having dinner at Murni so I decided to go without it instead. At least more casual and pregnant.

Yes yes yes I looked very awkward taking photos like that again. I'm really lazy to hang my mirror up because I curl my hair, make up, blow my hair and etc on the floor so I just leave my full length mirror on the floor for my convenience.

Another thing to be happy about!!!

I curled my hair ^^ *proud*

The curls were nice but towards the end of the day (at night I mean), it kinda straightened up and messy :( Sigh. I didn't want to spray that much hair spray because I want it to look more natural but I guess I was wrong. I didn't put wax either. Aiks.

Love the colour of my lipstick? My dad bought it for me hahahaha. YESSSSS my dad bought me this lipstick last year can you imagine that??? He asked the salesgirl to pick a natural pinkish colour lipstick for me because he knew that I don't like dark coloured ones ^^

Love my daddy and all his small surprises :D

I'm ready to go!

Wore the earrings that Li Lee bought for me last year as well hahahahaha. I have many gifts/presents from friends but whoever buys me stuff, I do return something to them one alright? It's all about give and take. I don't take only and not give back in return okay. I despise people like that either so I don't want to be one.

Unless some unforeseen circumstances happen of course. Like lost contact or tak ngam already. Hard to predict about certain things you know...

Went for window shopping with Li Lee in Pyramid because we have a lot of catch ups to do and LDP has been a bitch. Terrible jam at 4pm and even at 7+ at night. Luckily I guided Li Lee to take a shortcut from ss4 to ss2 to avoid all the jam. I'm familiar with PJ so don't play play wtf.

Luck hasn't been on our side because we can't freaking get a car park near Murni after a long time so I suggested to park at the house beside Rachel's house since it's a office and it's after office hour already. Thereafter, we walked over to Murni and because it was drizzling, we have to be seated super far away so we decided to drop the idea and hopped over to One Noodles, located beside Prince Cafe for dinner instead because both Ben and Yung Hui were famished.

My noodle. Not bad! Pretty good :)

Li Lee's. Not sure whether it's nice or not though.

Don't dare to take pics of Yung Hui and Ben's one because I'm scared if they'll slap me with their chopsticks since they were sooooo hungry :p We ordered 2 sets of siu loong baos to share (standard has dropped! Slb not really that nice anymore) and at the end of the day, Ben footed the bill -________-

Super guilty okay!!!! *angry*

Next time the 3 of us HAVE TO treat you back okay? No matter what!

Tai kor of the day hahahaha.

He's a busy man. Kept talking on the phone all the time! :(

This fella, the first question he asked me when we were seated was, "What did you shopped today???"

"Nothing much. Just went for a walk with Li Lee since I didn't see her for such a long time. 2 weeks already", I replied.

"You didn't see me for even a longer time lor! 2 years!!!", he protested.

I retaliated, "When I didn't see Li Lee for 2 weeks, it feels like 2 years lorrrrr."

LOL don't merajuk okay??? Promise we'll have more meet ups next time :)

Yung Hui who came straight after work. So she actually confirmed her attendance really, really late. At 7.10pm I think.

Li Lee! I think she's a lot more prettier in real life :)

Hey I know you'll be reading this... whenever you want to shop or merely go out for a drink, don't hesitate to ask okay. Don't worry about bothering me because I'm super free as well hahahahaha

Can you believe Ben is actually a year older than us? He looks younger right?????

I remembered back in HELP, I thought he's a year younger or something so I kept calling him dee dee (younger bro) but he always corrected me that he's a kor kor (elder bro) =.='''

The night was fun where we REALLY update each other about ourselves a lot! Especially between Li Lee and I :p Yung Hui, this proves that you must go out with us more often. Don't be a couch potato or so lazy can?!?!?! Kidding kidding... xD

Of course, I bought a few things from Pyramid despite my purse is currenly having a very bad recession.

I've been tying my hair into a bun a lot lately because it's too long, heavy and messy (in another word - out of shape wtf). And I felt that it's a bit too plain without anything on it so I bought 2 little hair accessories to glam it up :)

Rose scrunchy. RM10.

It also has an attached pin behind. It's handmade okay!!! Love it heapssss~

Mini hat clip. RM3.

Got both from a shop in Asian Avenue, Pyramid.

The ladies there are extremely patient and friendly! And they are more than willing to recommend and explain their stuff to you so thumbs up for their customer service ;)

If I'm used to seeing myself wearing all these kind of hair accessories, I might consider going back there to buy a bigger purple hat clip. Super pretty and it's handmade too!!! RM20 though T_T Ouch to my pocket.

Another thing bought is some tidbits but I think it's pointless to post the photo up.

I shall end this post with my fav photo taken of the day. Lo and behold!!!


My brother is so going to hate me.

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