Saturday, October 03, 2009

Think about this.

If there are 2 guys for you to pick - a rich and handsome guy who is not caring enough and a workaholic or a poor guy who loves you more than he loves himself.

Will you pick a guy who will buy an umbrella for you or a guy who walks with you under the rain?

Sounds familiar? Yes I just finished watching a Korean drama called Man in the Vineyard and I quite like the ending! A city girl ended up choosing a farmer instead of a doctor.

Isn't it difficult to pick? A city girl giving up her life to live in a countryside with a poor farmer -_- I'm not materialistic but asking me to live in a countryside without internet is like asking me to be a nun wtf. Moreover, I hate to admit this but I'm super afraid of insects *shy*


Sigh. I need some excitement in my life :( I'm so bored lately and things aren't going smoothly as how I expected it to be. Although those are minor hiccups but I'm sick of dealing with all these little misfortunes that befall on me. Seriously FML man. As much as I believe that life is like a roller coaster ride - with ups and downs - I wish that my good luck will come as soon as possible :(

Hopefully October is a good month for me T_T

Out yamcha! Toodles~!

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