Saturday, October 24, 2009

That's not my name

Today.... a realisation day for me.

I just realised that I got the Cantonese pronunciation of my name wrong!!!!

Since young, my parents always stressed that even though we are not Chinese educated, but we must know how to write our Chinese name no matter what. So, I was taught how to write my name - 琬雁.

I was told by my parents that my name Wan Yian is the Mandarin pronunciation. Pinyin will be wan yin. Then, they also told me that the Cantonese pronunciation is also Wan Yin. So earlier, when I just installed Chinese language into my laptop and was so syiok in attempt to type my Chinese name, I realised that I couldn't find my no matter how many times I check the choices available.

So I went to seek help from my friends by 'drawing' it out wtf. They then told me that my pinyin is suppose to be Wan YAN!!!! Not Yin. First mistake solved.

Out of curiosity, I asked them for the Cantonese pronunciation as well to double confirm. Guess what? I got that wrong as well!!!! For 22 years of my life, I thought my name is pronounced as Wan Yin in Cantonese. Little that I know that it's suppose to be pronounced as Yun Ngan.

YUN NGAN wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that sibeh far away from the name Wan Yin that I was told????

Seriously, I have a feeling that my parents simply hentam my Cantonese name for me T___T

Alright. I should've guessed it earlier. My first encounter was during my grandpa's funeral years ago when the uncle who is suppose to read out everyone's names, missed out on my name. MY NAME!!! I was like, waiting to hear my name - Wan Yin for a long time but hello? He read someone else's name and not mine! My name is not suppose to be at the bottom because I'm the eldest granddaughter in the family.

Second encounter was when 2 Hong Kong friends whom I got to know in Australia asked for my Chinese name so I wrote it out for them. They then called me by a weird name (which I think is Yun Ngan) and I corrected by arguing that it's suppose to be Wan Yin. Wtf a buta cina go and argue with a pro Cantonese speaker =.='''

Seriously I ignored that because I thought HKies might have different pronunciation.

Turns out, I was wrong all along. I was freaking wrong for 22 years OMG!!!! What is my parents doing??? T______T

I even changed my msn nick to 'Jaclyn is Yun Ngan'. My friends who saw all laughed hahahahaha T_T

Courtesy of my wonderful friend, Shu Yi, she told me that my name comes from this phrase/proverb:

She's so sweet because she wrote pinyin in both Mandarin & Canto for me to read :p

She even googled the story behind it. Apparently these words were used to describe 4 legendary pretty girls in China history. Hence, there are 4 different stories in that 8 words. If you are interested to know, I guess you just have to google that out yourself xD Super funny and ridiculous!

My name was picked by my grandpa. From what I was told by my mum (I hope I'm not wrong again wtf), she said 雁 is a bird that flies very high and far away. So, they hope that I'm able to soar high and far in future :)

However, I'm curious how this bird actually looks like -_- I hope it's not ugly wtf. I was told that it's a BIG bird. Like my size T_T

Alright, now that I was enlightened after 22 freaking years, I can go and tell people that my name in Canto is Yun Ngan now. Sigh damn not nice in Canto ler. Will still stick to Wan Yian in Mandarin anyhow because all my friends said that it's actually a very nice name ^^

Got to thank my grandpa :D
Also, thanks to all my wonderful darlingsssssss who helped me out earlier! ^^

Alright. Now I know that my name is used to describe a pretty lady. PRETTY LADY okay!!!! *beams* You'll be seeing me smiling to sleep tonight kakakaka

p/s - Click here to find out how my English name, Jaclyn, came about ;)

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