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Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee + Mooncake + Hailam Kopitiam

Gah I don't know what to blog lately other than some random short sentences of my thoughts because I don't think you are interested to read about my daily routine.

On another note, I'm pretty sick of people asking about my current employment status (I know you all are concerned!) and here I'm going to say it once and for all.

I'm still unemployed. I've been to interviews and even offered the job but I'm still hoping to work in an industry that I'm interested and passionate in. I don't want to take on any job that I'm not passionate about just for the sick of working because that's not very professional to do work half-heartedly (I want to be very devoted to my work). I'm freaking UNEMPLOYED! I need to go to the temple at Genting to pray already wtf!!!

I'm not demanding with salary. I'm just picky with the industry that I'm going to work for. That's it :)


Shen Ling dear called me up one day to go for lunch with her! We were deciding on where to eat and then somehow she suggested this good chilly pan mee place at Kota Damansara that she has been to with her friend.

Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee

The place was packed with people! Both of us even have to share a table with a father and daughter.

Honestly speaking, I love pan mee. I also love fish head noodle. And asam laksa. The list will go on till tomorrow but yes, I like anything soupy :D So the moment Shen Ling suggested this chilly pan mee, I agreed on the spot! I mean, I have never tried chilly pan mee before! I'm excited to try it out!!!

Shen Ling, my partner of the day - a very soft spoken girl who has 876516581 guys going after her.

I'm serious! She has SO many pursuers until people like me who has no 'lalat' got to stand 1 side T_T Hello? Got any Wilber Pan lookalike to intro? xD

Talk about the food served here. They have 2 types of pan mee - the soup or dry type. SLing recommended the dry type so we both ordered the same thing. They also have other varieties on their menu but pretty limited. Even the types of drinks served are limited as well. I like restaurant like this because I'm very fickle minded so that helps to narrow down on my choices A LOT!

Finally the food arrived! This is how it looks like....

The moment it arrived, what comes to my mind was, "This doesn't look spicy to me at all"

I was pretty surprised that they serve poached egg with the pan mee. So cute!

When I was about to indulge, SLing stopped me. She said the secret of this chilly pan mee comes from this!

Yes! This fiercely red dried chilly seeds.

I don't know how true it is but I was told that a chilly is spicy mainly because of the seeds. And here they serve dried chilly seeds! Confirm very, very, sibeh, spicy already. I helped myself with 2 spoons (albeit being warned by SLing beforehand) because I love spicy food! :D

Pour the chilly in and mix everything together - including the egg.

Results? Excellent! It's tasty although I find the noodle a little starchy. Still good nonetheless :) I don't mind going back there again to try out their soup type next time.

However, if you ask for my opinion, the best pan mee I've tasted will be the one in Old Klang road (I think) that my dad brought us (family) to last time. Since the place is busy 24/7 and we have to wait to be seated, my dad prefers to tapau (takeaway) instead. My second favourite pan mee will be the one in Restoran Gembira at Taman Megah :D

Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee
Jalan PJU5/4,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,

(To get there, spot the Pappa Rich Kopitiam. When Pappa Rich is on your left, turn left and then turn right on the first junction. You'll be able to see the bright yellow signboard with the huge Chilly Pan Mee written on it on your right :))


How did you all celebrated your Mid-Autumn festival? I was looking forward to devour myself with mooncakes this year because I missed the festival last year while in Australia. But nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself by playing with lanterns and eating lousy mooncake in puny size in my uni :D Those are memories that you can't buy with money!

Looking forward to eating mooncakes once a year, I was devastated when I found this box of mooncakes on the table.


Kanasai jelly type.

I was so disappointed. As modern as I may seem (hahaha wtf), I'm quite traditional at heart. I only like the traditional mooncakes in lotus paste or tau sar (red bean paste). I also like snowskin and Shanghai mooncake! I really like Shanghai mooncake but it's super expensive T_T

I'm not really picky with food but the only mooncake that I dislike will be the mixed nuts one. Don't quite like the taste though.

A couple of days later, dad bought 2 boxes of mooncakes for the family and to pray to ancestors. Mooncakes from Tai Thong ^^

My favourite! Lotus/red bean paste with eggyolk are my fav!

I only had 1/4 of it. It's impossible for me to finish 1 whole mooncake on my own. And yes, I eat it with a fork wtf.

For dinner, dad said it's Mid-Autumn so we shall go out to eat instead and brought us here.

Hailam Kopitiam, Ara Damansara

Hailam Kopitiam @ Ara Damansara.

Seriously speaking, this place is really secluded! I thought the whole area is congested with commercial buildings so I did not expect to find so many restaurants/cafes around here.

Located in the middle of nowhere but there were a couple of tables filled with diners anyhow.


I ordered cham (and ended up couldn't sleep at night again FML).

Apparently their white coffee is famous :)

Dad said his noodle is pretty good.

Brother's chicken chop in mushroom sauce with rice.

My chicken chop set.

The cute thing about this place is that most of their menu has a choice for you to choose between western food or western food to go with rice (eg between my dish with my brother's). They also offer a few sauces to go with your chop - mushroom, original, black pepper, etc.

Overall, the food was pretty okay. Chicken is crispy and the sauce is pretty thick, although I still think Mark (my Aus friend) makes the best mushroom sauce. Somehow, I regretted choosing mushroom sauce over black pepper because the latter obviously turned out to be a better choice.

How do I know?

My youngest brother ordered the most expensive dish on the menu - fish fillet in black pepper sauce with rice.

I tried his fish fillet and darn!!! It's freaking delicious!!!!! His fish was fried till crispy and the black pepper sauce is very flavorful. I love the level of spiciness for the sauce but according to my brother, it got VERY spicy till the end of his meal. So, ensure that you can really take spicy food if you were to choose their black pepper sauce.

Mum ordered chicken chop too but in their original sauce. Mum said her was okay but the sauce is a bit sourish. I did not try but her sauce seems like the sweet and sour sauce with onions :)

As for the address, I felt that it's useless for me to put it up because I'm pretty sure that NONE of you are able to locate this place. So I came up with a brilliant idea :D

I shall put a map to this place instead ;)

If you go to this place according to the map above, it's not difficult to find. This kopitiam is only a few months old! Their first day of opening was on my birthday - August 11 :)

(Shit come to think of it, my bday entry is still saved as draft up until now!!!)

At the end of the meal, dad suggested:

Dad: I think we should go home, then put a table at the car porch with a few mooncakes and tea. Our whole family shall sit outside to eat and enjoy and look at the moon! *excited*
Me: =___________= Don't play play please.

I ended up out yamcha instead xD

Was waiting to go out with Jeremy to accompany him to have his "dinner" at Asia Cafe. Remember I wrote earlier that I went out at 11.45pm and came back at 1.45am earlier? Yes, that's my look on that day ^^

What to do. I was bored of waiting for him to come....

I can't wait to go out with my darling Li Lee and friends today!! :D I need to sleep already now!

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