Sunday, October 18, 2009

Burger head & baby blue header

Sometimes guys give the most entertaining comment that's beyond my imagination. I always wonder, how come they are so good with words or why are they so creative?

Approximately 2 months back, I shopped online as usual and do you know that besides buying dresses, tops and contact lenses online, I often purchase items from Taiwan as well? Since I have curly hair, I bought this sponge curlers (amongst the many many items that I bought) which were recommended by ladies first.

Basically, you just curl your hair up (personally I prefer slightly damp hair because the curls will curl nicer) and go to sleep. Since it's sponge, it's comfortable to sleep with it on. However, the down side of this thingy is that it's not tight enough to hold the hair properly. It tend to slip down after some time.

Yesterday I don't feel using any styling tool or chemicals on my hair so I put those on. My eldest brother saw me putting it on for the first time because firstly, he's always out yamcha and comes back late midnight and secondly, I usually put them on before going to bed so that nobody can see.

But yesterday I went out of my room with those sponges and he laughed. Do you know what did he said?

"Hahaha... How come you have so many burgers on your head?"

T________T I didn't even know they look like burgers.

I did another header in blue!


I don't know man. What do you think? I don't think it's nice -_-
Click here to view the other 2 banners.

This is totally random but I forgot to mention that I saw Jay Yi's ex-bf while dining at the Korean restaurant earlier hahaha! Seriously, what are the odds man? I got to know her in Aus but I met her ex coincidentally in the same restaurant because my friend saw her ex before in HELP UC. So Ms Yong, I actually know a lot about you wtf xD


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