Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Restoran Da Tuan Yuan, Klang

Today my day will be packed with activities! :D

I have an old friend coming up from Seremban to meet brother and I so I'm extremely excited now! I haven't been seeing her for years!!! I'm so gonna take lots of photos with her and show you people how pretty she is ;)

Here's another place I'd recommend my lovely readers to try out. 2 weeks ago was my parent's anniversary so dad brought us to this restaurant in Klang that is highly recommended by his colleagues.

Restoran Da Tuan Yuan, Klang.

I don't want to blabber too much so here are the recommended and famous dishes from Da Tuan Yuan :)

Char siu (barbecued pork) & siu yuk (roasted pork).

Apparently these 2 pork combi above are SO famous that you have to call to make reservation because by night time, it'll all be sold out. Don't worry, I'll provide the contact details later because I'm a pro blogger wtf.

Taste wise, awesome! The char siu tastes as good as the famous Seremban Favourite in Aman Suria and siu yuk is so soft and juicy. Recommended by Jaclyn!


Alright Chinese friends should know what the vege above is. I'm shy to admit that I don't actually know its name *blush*

My eldest brother loves this vege heaps because the gravy was sweet and tasty.

Asam fish.

My ultimate favourite dish ^^ Need I say more?

Fa yuk (caramelized bacon wtf? <-google one).

This dish is mad tasty!!! As good as the one served at the famous restaurant at Gohtong Jaya :) I don't remember the name of the restaurant at Gohtong Jaya because I only remembered how the shop looks like :p


The way the cook it was similar to the fa yuk above - but this texture is crunchier.

Yong Tau Foo.

Though I think this yong tau foo is good, In fact, it's better than most yong tau foo served in other restaurants in PJ because of the gravy which was very flavorful. HOWEVER, because we were dining at Da Tuan Yuan, this good dish is considered as normal if I were to compare with other dishes above.

I would suggest that you people skip this yong tau foo and order something else instead. Ask the friendly waitresses there to recommend their other specialty dishes ;)

As promised, here are the details of the place!


If you are still clueless and feeling lost, no worries! I'll help you by leading the way...

Tadaa~! The map to Da Tuan Yuan restaurant :D

I know I'm awesome. Don't have to thank me xD

After dinner, we went home and parents cut their anniversary cake.

Cheese cake with chocolate pieces.

Brother was generous enough to pay for the cake when he went to buy with dad. Dad has toned down a lot of special celebrations as we grow older. Back then he used to buy flowers and present for mummy during their anniversary. Now we'll just go out for a meal and a cake to cut at home. Same goes for our birthdays, Father's and Mother's Day too!


Somehow I found these photos in my folder so I might as well post it up to make this entry a little bit longer hahahaha.

I cooked chicken rice weeks ago and initially I want to do an entry on how to cook this dish but I'm lazy now so I decided to post the photos up and a little explanations only :p

Ingredients are diced chicken, mushrooms, char siu and siu yuk (just dice everything!). Before that, fry some minced garlic and ginger for more flavour. Of course you must marinate the chicken with garlic+ginger juice, soy sauce, a pinch of sugar and salt. A little pepper as well if you like.

Jaclyn's 101 cooking tips: Add in a bit of corn flour when marinating the chicken because it'll make the meat smoother.

And when you cook it, add more of the seasonings above and adjust according to taste. I added a bit of additional oyster sauce, sesame oil and Chinese rice wine as well to make the taste even better. For the colour, be sure to add in dark soy sauce. My advise would be... ensure it's a little more salty than usual because when you mix it into the plain rice, it'll blend well.

The first time I cooked it, the taste was just alright when I tasted it. So when I mixed it with the rice, it became very bland :(

Pour the ingredients over the cooked rice. Better if you use a claypot but rice cooker works equally well so don't worry.

Reheat the rice and mix it well.

Done! Easy dish for the family :)
Taste sibeh awesome because it's a recipe from my mum!

*Yawn* I'm so sleepy now I think I better off to bed! Good news that I'll be very busy from yesterday (Wed) till Saturday!!! At least I have outings and interviews to keep myself occupied ^^

Good night you lovely people! Anything I'll update my Twitter :D

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