Friday, October 16, 2009

On my way home after an interview, I was in the car chatting with my dad and then suddenly...

Dad: Eh? Eh???... Where are we now?
Me: HUH??? What do you mean by WHERE ARE WE?
Dad: I think we got lost. I have no idea where are we heading to now.
Me: What is this crap??? You mean, you don't know what highway this is?
Dad: Yea. This is a new highway so I thought of giving it a try. But we are lost now hahaha xD
Me: =.='''' You mean... you tried on a new highway which you have no idea where it'll lead us to?
Dad: Yaaaa hahahaha... Since you are free and I'm free, might as well try it, right? *innocent face*
Me: -_________________-

My dad is as random as his daughter LOL! I think I know where I got my genes from wtf.

It's funny. I was done with my interview with Ampang, heading back to PJ. My dad, with his itchy backside, went to try a new highway which leads us back to KL!!!! What is this? Road trip is it???

Okay actually I don't mind that much because I love sitting in the car, touring around KL :D I like it when someone drives me around KL because I hardly go to KL in a car so I enjoy it very much especially night time!

So eventually my dad drove past the Chinatown and I said, "Wah! It has been such a long time since I came here!!!" My dad immediately responded, "Do you want to talk a walk? I can accompany you for a walk if you want! Want? Want?? want???"

"Don't want!!! It's okay it's okay. Both of us are in formal wear and it's soooo hot now. I don't want to sweat so much in my shirt. Next time when I'm in my casual wear instead!"

See! My dad is being random again. So off we went home. On the way home my dad cursed the highway and said that he'll never use that highway anymore in future because it's actually a detour from Ampang to KL. In fact, there's a shorter way from Ampang to KL instead.

Malaysia Boleh, dad.


Ewww my hands smell like garlic, ginger, sesame oil and raw chicken all mixed together T_T I just prepared the stuff to cook for dinner tonight and no matter how many times I wash my hands with soap, I just can't get rid of the smell! That's why I always hate to mince garlic. The smell lingers for a long time and hard to get rid of it :(

Aiks I just rejected another interview for tomorrow. It's too far away so it's a bit inconvenient so.... haih.... Call me picky/choosy whatever!!! I have nothing to say T_T

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