Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My dad's a Datuk

I should be sleeping now. I really should be sleeping because I have an interview at 9.30am later T_T But I can't! I've been rolling on the bed for more than 2 hours and I just can't fall asleep. So here I am blogging a short entry before going to bed.

I have 2 interviews today :D This week will be another busy week till Friday!

You see, I don't personally mind attending interviews because I want to gain as many experience as possible. Well, maybe except for some that are too far away or positions that I'm not interested at all. Those I'd reject because I don't want to waste people's time.

For the past few weeks, I've been busy with interviews to attend! I have quite many interview invitations by companies where some I dropped my resume online while the other half they came to me after viewing my resume from Jobstreet on their own. I must be a lucky bitch.

I can do cock eye, can you?

Yesterday's interview was scary but fun. Scary because I was being interviewed by a public listed company's CEO. But fun because we both ended up laughing and chatting like a friend =.='''

At times, I think my communication skills are beyond imagination wtf.

Alright. I admit that most of the times the CEO was laughing at my laughter T_T I don't know man. I felt that each time I laugh (I always laugh! I even laughed when I did my presentations during my uni days and everyone just laughed along with me wtf), people tend to laugh together as well. Now you know how Contagious Laughter came about hahahaha T_T

I can roll my tongue, can you?

I don't want to talk about all my interviews experience because it'll bore you people to death. Talk about today! This company's staffs were all so..... weird.

I was late by 10mins for my interview (yea, thank you Federal for the jam &#!^*%#) so I was filling up the form hastily at the lounge and by then, I realised something. As my back was facing the entrance to the office, I find that the staffs were so free that they kept coming out to the reception (located beside the lounge area) to talk to the receptionists. And each time they passed by me, they turned to look =______='''

Funny thing was, the same people came in and out SO MANY TIMES! Don't they have to work?

While I was waiting for the HR lady to attend me, I found out that more and more staffs kept coming out from the office. Initially was all the males. Then came the ladies. And seriously speaking, the ladies all stared at me like I killed their lizards at home -_-

Trying to be nice, I smiled back. But they did not FML!!!

However, all the men who walked in and out, all smiled. Very nice people ;) The longer I waited, the more people came out. Why are they smiling at me???

Wtf they think I'm some Datuk's daughter or what??? Actually it's true. My dad is old enough to be a datuk hahahaha I'm so mean :p

Then I was lead by the HR lady to the CEO and while on our way...

Ms S: Ms Wong, today you'll be interviewed by Mr L, our CEO.
Me: What? Did you just said CEO?
Ms S: Yes. Because for this position, you'll be working for the CEO so he'll be interviewing you personally.
Me: -____- Okay. Well... that's a little.... intimidating.
Ms S: Hahaha don't worry you'll do fine :)

I thought Ms S will be interviewing me because we both chatted over the phone before like friends so I'm comfortable with her. Yes, I can randomly chat with strangers and somehow, I'm able to make them feel comfortable around me as well because my interpersonal skill is level 99 wtf.

The interview lasted for 45mins and when I'm leaving the CEO office, 1 of the staff was so nice to open the door (of the CEO's room) for me. Seems like he was preparing to open the door for me because the moment I got up, he got up from his seat and ran to open the door for me! LOL!!! I swear all of them thought I'm a Datuk's daughter lor! Must be!!!

That man was so kind to actually open all the doors for me and walked me out right to the elevator! :D So gentleman~!

I think I have the kind of look that I belong to the golongan "atas" people. Do I really look like a rich brat? I got so many new friends thought I'm rich eventhough I carry a cheap bag, donning in cheap clothes and wearing a cheap heels hahahaha. I'm not crazy over branded stuff so I bet they'll be disappointed to know that I don't even have my own car and am forced to take lrt to KL for shopping wtf FML.

It's how you carry yourself I guess. If you are confident enough, cheap clothes may look like branded ones. Otherwise, what's the point of carrying a LV bag where people might presume that it's an imitation bag that you bought?

Once, I have a tuition friend's mother telling my friend, "Wah, your friend looked like a rich girl! Is she some Datuk's daughter?"

Yes aunty. I'm so rich that I'm driving a local Proton car don't play play T_T

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