Thursday, October 15, 2009

Korean Food @ Little Korea and Ampang Lookout Point

Last Monday, we promised to have dinner together in Ampang since I rarely step into that area and while I was stoning at home like usual, Yung Hui gave me a call to chat and asked me to go out with her to KLCC for a walk as she doesn't feels like staying at home.

Since I hardly say no to people, I obliged.

Got prepared, waited 30 minutes for Yung Hui who came late at Sentral, met with a grandpa who asked me to find myself a sugar daddy and left for KLCC. Yucks, Yung Hui said while we were in lrt, there's this Chinese man who stood beside me kept staring at me non-stop and he even stood closer and closer to me as well wtf.

No wonder Yung Hui asked me to stand closer to her! Ewwww as I remembered, that man is super sweaty and short (about half a head shorter than me). Because of his dripping sweats from his forehead, I find it disgusting hence I didn't bother about him. Not even interested to look at him.

Take a step closer and I shall see you in Nirvana wtf.

On a happy note, Monday seems to be my lucky day! Besides getting a call for interview 5 mins before I leave my house, I finally found something that I've been looking for for years!!!! It's something that I treasure a lot because it was a gift by my cousin when I was 11 and I broke it after a couple of years later.

THIS! When I broke it last time, I was so upset and for years I tried my best to look for the exact same bracelet to replace but to no avail.

After close to 10 years, I finally found it in KLCC :D When I saw it, I told myself that I have to buy it no matter how pokai I am at the moment! I even bought the same purple gemstone because it helps with good memory and wisdom.

My memory has been bad so I think I need this more than others. This was proven when I kept asking the sales girl to repeat again and again what good stuff each stones bring even though she had just explained them to me -_- YHui followed and bought the same bracelet but in green stone - which helps with career I think.

I am sooooo happy now! I am weird. If I like something very much (esp present given by people) but I broke it, by all means, I'll try to purchase the exact same thing to replace them. My dad bought me a little blue teapot necklace with my name written on a tiny rice when I was in primary school. I broke it in the bus while on my way home after scouts camping due to the sudden brake by the bus driver. I was upset and spent years looking for the same necklace to replace but difficult because I was told that the design was uncommon so many shops don't sell it.

Years later, I found one and bought it. Not long later, I broke it again FML.

I'm soooo gonna treasure this bracelet now!! ^^

We were asked to meet MFai at Cempaka station at 6.45pm and surprisingly, we reached sharp at 6.45pm - which freaked MFai out because he don't dare to come late anymore as I'm always so punctual. LOL.

Rained cats and dogs so YHui and I were soaking wet! Went to MFai's house to dry ourselves and loiter while waiting for Mun Wai to come. Was suppose to eat at a famous Thai restaurant but it was closed :(

MFai's sis, Meng Fai, Li Lee.

So we went for Korean food at Little Korea :)

I asked Meng Fai's sister to tag along since she's alone at home. Each time I look at her, she reminds me of Meng Ho - their eldest brother! Both of them look soooo alike! Meng Fai don't look like both of them so I wonder if he's adopted or not xD

Mun Wai, Yung Hui, me with my ruined hair thanks to the rain T_T

There are so many Korean restaurants around and we have no idea which is good so we went in randomly to try out.

This restaurant takes photos of the diners and stick them on the wall.


Meng Fai said he looks like Bae Yong Joon hahahahahahahaha

Korean boss with his butt.

He was so nice! He gave us 2 cans of Coke for free :)

I have been craving for Korean food ever since I left Brisbane so I've been googling around which restaurants that serve good Korean food around Klang Valley. Since dining at Little Korea was unplanned, I have no idea which restaurants are recommended here by food bloggers. I only know a few good ones in Hartamas :p

Yung Hui and I ordered a pot of Duk Bok Gi and barbecue set for the 6 of us to share. In Malaysia, we don't have to order a lot because.....

...unlike Australia, they serve a variety of ban chan!!! Around 10 dishes! Awesome :D


Look at the amount of ban chan on the table ^^ That's the bbq pork that we ordered. Forgot to take pic of the duk bok gi though.

All in all, the barbecue was good but the duk bok gi was a let down. Their hot pot is nothing compared to Wah! or Madthongsan in Brissie :p

After dinner, we adjourned to Ampang Lookout Point for a drink.

Yamcha-ed at Gasoline.

MFai said he don't look good in this pic and demanded to retake!

But Mun Wai don't look good in this photo. How???

Yung Hui only wanted to sleep so she didn't drink at all that night.

Love my Peach Lemon tea. I think it's called Peach Lemon because I forgot the name wtf. Now you know why I need purple gemstone!!!! T_T

Life's been going well lately. I got many calls for interviews and rejected a few job offers due to many, many personal reasons that I'm not going to tell here. It's not about the salary because by far, all of them are able to pay me the salary that I asked for. Pray for me so that I'm able to find the perfect job for myself!!! :)

Eh, daddy asked me to eat durian. Gotta go now!

p/s - Initially I wanted to put the title as 'A Night in Ampang' but decided to change my mind because it's so misleading hahahaha

p/p/s - The restaurant isn't called Korean Food mind you. Yes, I forgot the name of the restaurant xD Hello? Bad memory, remember?

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