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Jaclyn's 101 Tips in Securing Interviews for Your First Job

Having headache now :(

By the way, for those who are concern, my 2 interviews for yesterday went very well ;) I got both offers on the spot (albeit did not perform at my best as I didn't sleep at all) but I put them on hold and said that I'll think about it because I still have a couple more interviews to attend. On a happier note, today and tomorrow I'm free :D

I want to shop T_T

If you are asking me what are my tips to score with so many interviews, frankly speaking, I have no idea. I've stopped applying to companies for quite sometime and yet, I still get call(s) and email(s) almost everyday asking me to go for interviews. And quite a number of them are big companies.

Seriously, I think if you set reasonable salary and have multiple working experiences (be it freelances or what) in different fields, it help tremendously. That's Jaclyn's 101 tips in scoring for interviews. Otherwise, obtain first class honors to secure yourself a management trainee position with large companies :) Since I'm in marketing field, you must know how to "market" yourself to people and that I'd prefer not to reveal xD

As how to perform during your interviews, my tips are... be honest, be chatty and smile or laugh like a moron (even if you have to pretend) wtf. I find that each time I smile or laugh, my interviewer laughed along so it helps to ease the awkwardness between us and we usually ended up chatting like old friends hahahaha I'm serious. Don't laugh too much and please, please don't act cute or dumb because you want to project a mature and independent image to people. You are not there to kau chai please. Be honest but say it in a nice way so that employer thinks that you are trustworthy and reliable. I've always been a very honest person. So I can't change this habit of mine and I'm actually very honest with each and every interviews - in fact, all interviewers said that I'm a very honest person. Whether they meant it in a nice way or not, I prefer not to think about it wtf.

Yesterday, for the first time, I have to fill up a characteristic evaluation form! Among the 725617561 questions asked, here are 2 questions that I remembered and I think I answered wrongly -_-

What do you think you owe the employer?

What do you think your employer owes you?

WTF I CAN'T BELIEVE I WROTE SALARY INSTEAD OF TRUST/RESPECT!!! See! I could've wrote many other things other than the word s-a-l-a-r-y but I didn't =.= This is a mistake that I think you all shouldn't follow. Luckily my interview make up for it because the manager likes me and decided to offer me to position :p

Ohya, another thing is, for marketing major student, make sure you remember some of the marketing terms as well because most interviewers do ask you to explain about some marketing terms or how do you use it to the benefit of the company. Not exactly very easy task for our major because we have to think fast and creative with each questions or tests given on the spot for us T_T

When interviewer is talking, you shut up. Don't barge in because you'll have your turn to speak later on. Don't ever be rude!

Try to have a lot of working experiences because it make a very good impression. All employers said that they were impressed with the amount of freelances that I took up by far (which is part of the reason why they came to look for me). Reason? They think I'm a very hardworking person. Another word to describe is - workaholic. I don't deny that :) I wasn't raised up to be spoon fed nor living a princess-like life.

Evaluate your past job(s) well because for sure you'll be asked about things you've learned from it that shapes you to be who you are today. I would recommend you to take up different jobs so that you have more to talk about and will polish up your resume for a bit. For example, employers would prefer someone who worked 10 different jobs rather than someone who worked as a waitress for 3 freaking years -_- What can you tell about it? I serve different customers everyday?

Get relevant working exp during your semester break/holidays. Whatever your major is, be an intern or management trainee with big companies and I'm sure you'll thank me for that in future. If you are in accounting major, intern with the Big 4. Marketing major, intern or be a management trainee with any big companies as long as your position is a marketing one. If you are interested in event management or advertising, work in event or advertising companies. Anything as long as it's relevant because that counts as experience in related fields. It's already too late for me and sadly to say, my working experience is not relevant enough to put me at a better position than others :(

Of course it's too late to say this now but if you have impressive co-curriculum portfolio, I think it helps too especially when you are a BOD. This shows that you have leadership skill, good interpersonal skill and are a team player :) That's what I learned from my years of working exp lah. Don't guarantee but it helps!

Show good first impression and carry yourself well during your interview is equally important. I learned the skills, the Do's and Don'ts from my lecturers in UQ.

But I guess all in all, as long as you are not picky and do not demand ridiculously high salary, you should be able to get a job pretty easily :) As for myself, I am still naively hoping to get a job that's challenging and interest me - regardless of the pay offered. I have FujiXerox who called me on their own and offered me a job on the spot but I rejected because the job is boring =x The remuneration package is sibehhhh attractive, super beautiful and big company and all young and energetic staffs are working there. I'm still slapping myself for letting go of such great opportunity T_T

What will you do when the benefit offered clashes with your interest? Will you go for money or will you pursue your interest?

Call me stupid for not being materialistic enough but my interest comes first :(

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