Friday, October 23, 2009


LOL I have the fastest interview ever!!!! It lasted for 15 minutes only can you believe it? This is what I like about advertising company - they are casual and very straight to the point.

I think I did really badly for this interview. Firstly, I got this company's industry mixed up with another similar one that I went for interview earlier and my brain is so dead today (due to the lack of sleep) that I can't think of anything good to convince them that I'm suitable for this job T______________T

So, do you know what does 15 minutes means? It means kantoi T_T

Decision will be made by them on Wednesday. *Keeping my fingers crossed*


I went for a very rushed and last minute clubbing with friends at Zouk yesterday night. How rush and last minute it was, I'll write about it soon :)

Sometimes I hate to accept the fact that I'm not wild enough like others whenever I club -_- I'm also shy to admit that I can't dance so I feel intimidated when I dance with my friends who can dance so god damn well. I feel like squatting at a dark corner to hide myself hahahaha wtf.


Omg I have my next interview in an hour and the half but now my left eye is freaking red! I washed my face a moment ago and the soap went in to my eye T_T I now look a bit like Kakashi - you know, 1 eye with Sharingan =.='''

I hope that the interviewer won't feel distracted or worse, unhappy with my left eye's condition. FML why is this happening to me? T_T