Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hiking is what I enjoy doing

Jaclyn's tip of getting up early in the morning - it is not to sleep at all.

I was unable to sleep yesterday night because I drank teh 3 lapis at Asia Cafe with a friend and since I'm determined to hike this morning, I decided to go without any sleep at all. If you follow me on Twitter, you roughly knew what I did this morning :)

My dad asked me the weirdest questions today while sending me to Taman Tun!

Dad: Hey. How come you went out so late yesterday night? You left the house at 11.45pm right?
Me: Erm... ya... My friend came late.
Dad: But how come you came back so early? 1.45am ma I know. So early! I'm surprised you came back so early.
Me: -_- Ya... Yamcha usually 2 hours only.
Dad: How many people did you went out with?
Me: 1
Dad: Guy or girl?
Me: Guy
Dad: Uni friend?
Me: Ya
Dad: My girl big girl already xD
Me: =.=''''

My dad will make a very good private investigator I swear.

He's the type who doesn't like it when I go out late (close to 12am) but doesn't mind me coming home late as long as I don't exceed my 3am curfew.

Here's the summary of what I did for the whole morning :D

6.30am - Getting myself ready.
6.45am - Had cereal as breakfast. Ran out of milk so substituted it with coffee instead -_-
7.30am - Arrived at Taman Tun. Was considered as pretty late because dad overslept. Usually I hike at 7am.
7.40am - Started my track after a brief warm up.
8.25am - Done hiking.
8.50am - Reached home and bathed.
9am - Read Shin Chan comic to relax.
9.30am - Zzzz...

I can't believe it took me 45mins to complete the whole track!!! I still remember during my "glorious days" back in high school, I only need 30mins. I'm slowly losing my stamina :( However, the last time I hiked was in January with friends. At that time, it took me 1-1.5 hours to complete because I have to keep waiting for my friends to catch up with me. Now that I hiked alone, it took me 45mins - which I believe it isn't that bad after 8 months, no? :p

I'm determined to complete the whole track in 30mins after a few more times. I want to get back to my stamina that I had back then wtf. I kept having older people (even senior citizens) overtaking me and it's so demoralizing lor! FML.

The whole hiking thing started when I was young when my dad was suddenly being a health freak and decided to FORCE the whole family to exercise together on every Sunday. Whoever who doesn't go will risk of having their allowance cut into half T_T So all of us have to force ourselves out of bed early in the morning for hiking or jogging at the nearby park in Taman Tun.

Frankly speaking, at that time, my brothers and I only have 1 thing in mind - to quickly finish the whole track and then go for a good breakfast -_- Yes, my dad bribes us with good breakfast too back then.

I can't believe I used to be motivated by food wtf.

Today, things have changed. I asked my dad to send me to Taman Tun for hiking now. Although my dad no longer hike with me like how he used to, he became my driver by sending me there and waited for me to complete my track while doing some light exercises on his own. I don't have a choice. It's a pain in the ass to find a parking in Taman Tun so I need someone to send me there :|

Hiking is what I enjoy doing once in awhile. It feels really good listening to my favourite songs (Big Bang songs to get my mood going :D) from my Ipod and enjoying the greeneries at the same time. It also feels good to sweat it out and not having people bothering me when I want to do some thinkings on my own :)

Perhaps, the saddest part is that the people there are either too old or too young. Darn.

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