Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Get a sugar daddy for myself?

Yesterday I went to KLCC with Yung Hui for a walk before our food hunt in Ampang at night.

I took lrt and waited for Yung Hui at Kl Sentral since she will be changing train in Sentral from KTM to LRT. We promised to meet up at 3.30pm. With my excellent time management, I'm always on time - rarely early or too late because I like to be punctual wtf. So as usual, I roughly planned out the time to leave my house. The moment I passed by Asia Jaya station, I realised that I'm suppose to meet Yung Hui at Sentral, not KLCC!

I forgot about it so I actually planned my time to arrive at KLCC, not Sentral -_- I have no idea why I kept thinking that I'm suppose to meet her at KLCC wtf. So I was 20 minutes early - 3.10pm the moment I stepped out to Sentral. I sat there listening to my Ipod and playing with some games while waiting for YHui because she'll be late.

It was then this young Chinese boy (in his 20s) sat beside me and kept staring at me. I looked back. He gave a shy smile and proceeded to ask me where I'm going and yada yada yada... You know, those kind of usual questions that random people would ask. We didn't chat for long before he has to leave because the train arrived.

I plugged on my earphones and resumed with my songs and games. Then, another man sat beside me. He's prolly in his 60s, head full or grey hair, wore a songkok and well dressed. Not long later, he nudged me and the first question he asked took me by surprise:-

"Are you from China?"

WTF??? For a moment, I was thought I was still in Australia because Australians often presume that Chinese are all from China so I got asked that question many times back then. This is the first time I was asked this question in Malaysia! I told him politely that I'm a Malaysian. Casually, he began to boast about his wealth, his properties, assets, etc - as if he's trying to impress me. Initially I found it weird as to why the hell is he telling me all this? I'm not one bit interest lah uncle grandpa. It was then he asked me this question which cleared up all my curiosity:-

"Why don't you get a sugar daddy to pay off your expenses?"

Feeling agitated, I replied:-

"NO! Why would I want a sugar daddy? That's not my style. I would rather rely on myself than to rely on people especially when it comes to money"

And then this moron did not sense that I was unhappy and he continued to persuade me to get a sugar daddy to buy me luxury gifts to pamper myself. He even wanted to introduce a doctor name Dr Khoo from Sydney, who is on the verge of divorcing his wife wtf!!!! I kept telling him that I wasn't raise in a way where I rely on people for money nor am I a big spender (wtf I felt so proud of myself kakaka) so I don't need people to pay off my expenses.

"Why? You don't have a sugar daddy? You can't find one? Well, with your quality, you can easily get one you know"

I swear I almost explode because I hate it when people think that I rely on others for money while I actually survive on my own by working since high school. If I dread using my dad's money on my shoppings, you think I will ever spend a single cent from guys?

Bah! I was so irritated and showed him super obvious that I'm not interested to listen to him any longer. Before I could excuse myself, he told me that he has to leave already and left when the train arrived. You should've left earlier - not after skipping 3 trains just to talk to me wtf.

This proves that there are macam-macam hal in Malaysia. It is not advisable for a girl to wait alone in public - be it crowded or quiet places. If you have to, be smart, walk off if you sense something is amiss or pretend to call your friend - asking where he/she is and said that you are going over to his/her place.

Worry about me for being stalked so many times?

Don't worry. I'm so "manly", sure fine one wtf.

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