Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food Hunting in PJ

Li Lee and I planned to shop for Yung Hui's bday present on Thursday because that was the only day Li Lee's free and we planned a dinner together as well since it has been quite some time since we last see each other.

Asked Meng Fai and Yung Hui as usual :D

Li Lee was such a darling because she came all the way to my house to pick me up - knowing very well that I don't have a car T_T

So after hours and hours of walking around Pyramid looking for YHui's present and risking of breaking our sore legs, we ended up with these as her presents :)

Adorable Li Lee.

F I looked damn ugly T_T

Li Lee and I were having a drink at Gasoline to kill time and to give our sore legs a rest hahaha

We bought Yung Hui this one-piece dress from Niichii that she has wanted to buy 2 months back but did not in the end because it was expensive. Ok, it's not exactly a dress but I don't know how to call it wtf.

We also got her this huge rabbit soft toy. Super cute and I actually liked it myself. Yung Hui may not seems like it but she actually likes soft toys A LOT!

A mini I-don't-know-what (deer I think?) hanger. Super cute right???

Wah cuteness overload!!!

After that, met up with Meng Fai and Yung Hui at 1 Utama and I leaded the way to Uptown for the famous Kajang satay.

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri - PJ branch from Kajang.

The last time I went there with Jordan, May Yoong and Phan I think.

Now I'm back with Li Lee and Meng Fai!

And Yung Hui too ^^

Chicken and beef satay. Yum!!!

Since we ordered 10 sticks of satay for each of us, all of us weren't very full so instead of ordering more satay, MFai suggested we eat something else instead.

Then, it crossed my mind that there's this place recommended by my friends saying that they serve pretty good lala (clams) and I've always wanted to give it a try. It's the mamak at ss2 :)

Wanted to order lala but Yung Hui insisted that she wanted this instead.

I don't know what this is called because I've never eaten it before! Li Lee and I don't dare to eat at first because we both have never eaten things like this before. But I decided to try it anyhow after I was convinced that it wasn't snail again and again by MFai and YHui.

The way of eating it is sooooo tiring! You have to suck it out and the hole is so bloody small wtf. I've never been so tired of eating hahahaha. It taste like squid because of the chewy texture but all of us LOVE the sauce! The sauce is the bomb!

Hor jian (oyster omelette).

The hor jian is pretty good too - as agreed by everyone :D The chilly sauce given is pretty spicy though. Now only I know that food sold at ss2 mamak are pretty good because all these while I was only there for a drink. Shall frequent there next time to eat their lala and hor jian again wtf.

While eating and chatting in ss2, I suggested that the 3 of them should try out Kayu Nasi Kandar's famous roti tisu if they are still able to eat. An hour later, we found ourselves at Kayu eating again hahaha...

Their famous roti tisu :)
Impressive, no?

I'm sure they were surprised with the size of this roti tisu hahaha

That day was absolute fun to shop with Li Lee and the impromptu food hunting in PJ (from Uptown to ss2 to Chow Yang) with friends! It's good to share food with friends because by doing so, you are able to try out different types of food and not stuffing yourself too much :)

It was also a coincidence that Tsu Lynn texted me in the afternoon asking me out for a drink so I asked her to join us yamcha at night since I was out with the rest. Great night, great food, great chat and best of all - great friends.

Before I could even miss Tsu Lynn, I bumped into her on Saturday during my class gathering. God must have sensed that I miss her :p

On that night, we planned to have another makan night in Ampang on Monday!
Stay tuned if you are interested to know what we had that nigh ;)

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