Friday, October 30, 2009

A face I didn't see for 8 years

Hahaha if you follow me on Twitter, I'm sorry to say that I did not take any photo with my pretty childhood friend yesterday xD So sorry that you all won't be able to see her photo today.

I was so freaking excited to meet her after 8 freaking years okay!!! 8 years!

I started my day early by going for my morning appointment at 11.30am (11.30am is early for me wtf) and then I went home for lunch. By 2pm, Valerie smsed to inform me that she's done with her interview in KL and was on her way to Kelana lrt station.

She arrived at 2+ and we both headed over to One Utama for a walk and drink to kill time because we have to wait for my brother to take his CPA exam before we could go for a dinner together.

Initially I was worried that I might bore her to death because I don't know if we could've a lot of things to talk about because we didn't see each other for so many years. Shy if you get what I mean *blush* Turns out, we both kept chatting non-stop from 3-7pm!!!

No wonder my brother said that it's pointless for me to get worried because I'm a very chatty person. Same goes to Valerie! We both talked about everything. Just everything!!! Time passes so quickly yesterday ^^

The world is really small! Valerie went to UK to futher her studies in law and she got to know my primary school friend, Eugene. She also know 1 of my secondary school senior (let's call him X) so we both kept gossiping about them wtf. I even told her about X's friends who tried to get to know her because they think she's pretty hahahahaha how corny!

We were so into our conversation untill I totally forgot to request for a photo taken with her T___T I hope I don't have to wait for another 8 years to see her again because by then I'll be 30 years old already wtf.

Kidding :p I'll be seeing Valerie very soon because she'll be working in KL next month and she decided to stay in PJ! Around Bahagia lrt station and that's very, very near to my place :D

We went for a simple dinner at Damansara Jaya before brother dropped her off at the KTM station and she took KTM back to Seremban.

Come to think of it, I don't have any photo taken with Valerie when we were young. I only have a few photos taken with her sister, Penny, because we are of the same age and we both went to the same kindergarden in Seremban! Valerie is 2 years elder than me.

*runs off to hide at the corner of my room*

That's my brother on the left (pretty easy to recognise with his size wtf), me, Penny and I-don't-remember-who. Photo was taken when I was in kindergarden where Penny and I were about to perform a traditional Chinese dance on stage with other classmates -_- As you can see, the guys performed a modern dance instead.

I can't wait for Penny to come back from Australia so that we can meet up again and have a reunion photo taken together :)

I bet we both have changed a lot in appearance wise! Seriously, both the sisters are pretty okay! Slim some more!!! Shit I felt so intimidated T_T

I am a person who loves to keep in touch with friends. I don't give a damn whether I'm close to them or not and as long as I'm keeping in touch with them or if they still remember who I am, I'm super happy already! I just don't understand how some people can just move on with their life without keeping in touch with old friends *shook head*

Alright. Tomorrow will be another long day! I'm still finding a darling(s) to club with me tomorrow night :( Shennie pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *watery eyes*

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