Sunday, September 27, 2009

You know in which situation I felt most helpless?

It's whenever a guy called and cried over the phone.

Helpless because I know that guys just want me to lend my ears to them by listening to their unhappiness and problems. So, more often that not, I just listen and feel their sadness. I try not to give too much comments/advises like how I would to my girls.

I feel hopeless whenever situation like this occurs because I can't be of much help. I hope that by listening, you'll feel better and there's nothing wrong by crying. Guys are human too. Why would you all hide your emotions instead of letting it out to a person whom you think you can trust?

I'm glad that I'm deemed as a trustworthy person to most of my friends because both guys and girls often confide in me. Each time they do, I feel that...

...I feel that I'm able to understand them a lot better.

Thank you for your trust.


Next up, Jaclyn will introduce the famous claypot chicken rice in PJ and the best dry Bak Kut Teh around! Stay tuned :D

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