Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yesterday went to Ikano for lunch with uni friends to celebrate Yung Hui's belated birthday! I'm beginning to realise that Curve is becoming my second home instead of One Utama already -_- I frequent to that place SO often just for food and/or movie (at Cineleisure) - I was never once there for shopping wtf.

I'll be having 2 entries coming up. A short one about yesterday's lunch and a long one on the things that I love. Interested to know what are the things that I use or wear often? Interested to know what are the girly things that I own and what I'd recommend for all? Make sure you come back to read!

Not interested also come back to kepo wtf :p

My brother just bought a new Crayon Shin Chan comic! Do you know that Yoshito Usui has already passed away? I think he fell off during hiking or something T_T No more Shin Chan in future??? I can't live without Shin Chan comics :(

Speaking of life is short and unpredictable, I received a news about a guy from my high school just passed away a couple of days ago! Not too sure about the reason for his death but I heard that he passed away while in sleep! Damn he's only 22. He added me in FB before long time ago and albeit I've never spoken to him before, I'm not going to pretend that I'm close to him to get attention and all.

But afterall, RIP.

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