Wednesday, September 02, 2009

*Update: Besides the 'extreme' line, my friend also said that my love life isn't good. I will always have guys court but I don't like them. FML!!!!!

Yesterday went for lunch with Li Lee, Meng Fai and Yung Hui at my favourite place - BarBQ Plaza! Spent a long time there chatting where we talked about everything from palm and face reading to personal experiences to Chinese traditions to holidays and etcetera.

Talk about palm reading, according to YHui, I have a very 'extreme' line which I'll either be VERY RICH or VERY POOR! Which most probably will be the latter. FML.

No more expensive/lavish meals! No more online shoppings! I need to start saving for my future because I don't want to be extremely poor T_T

Never in my life I get face/palm read by people so I wonder if I should give it a try since I'll be venturing into the working world now. I mean, no harm right? Can trust 50-50 right? I always question the level of accuracy when it comes to stuff like this so.... -_-

But if it's not accurate, I'll be wasting my money and that's like I'm on my way to my extremely poor life wtf!!!

Where got good palm/face reading sifu? :p I want to give it a try though.

My online purchases will be arriving today! Not the 2 dresses that I bought but some other items instead :D Can't wait~! My dresses will be arriving end of this month T_T

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