Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Women's Retail Therapy

Today's date is 09/09/09!

How awesome is that? May all of you have a wonderful day today~!


Yesterday I went to an impromptu shopping with Cheok Tho to Times Square since both of us were so free at home. I'm jobless while she's waiting for her new semester to start.

Although I only bought a pair of heels and a dress, I feel soooooooo happy I don't know why! Maybe it's because I didn't shop for a month plus and I bought 2 things that I'm happy of purchasing because it's soooooooo cheap!

Girls, if you like to shop online like me, do check out places like Times Square or Sg Wang beforehand because they do sell clothes from Taiwan/Korea/HK - those tops/shorts/dresses/skirts/shoes that you see online. Exactly the same, BUT at a cheaper price.

Alright most of you might already know about this while I just figured it out yesterday but heck, I don't shop often in KL *shy* Those clothes are so cheap! For example, remember I said earlier that I bought 2 dresses online and I'm waiting for them to arrive? Just received an email from 1 of the owner (bought 2 dresses from 2 different blogshops) saying that the dress I wanted was out of stock.

This 1 was out of stock - RM37 (exclude shipping).

YESTERDAY, I saw plenty of this dress in Times Square and they are selling it at RM25 wtf!!!!!!! So tempted to buy it but in order to save money for 2 dinner outings this week, I managed to refrain myself from splurging more ^^

Okay, maybe when I'm not so financially tight, I'll go back and purchase it :p But if I buy the dress above, I need to buy a waist clincher as well :( Pokai wtf.

Thankfully I didn't see the other dress that I bought online in TS otherwise I'll cry in front of the shop or slap the blogshop owner with my heel.

Here are my happy purchases yesterday :D

New arrival dress from Korea - RM25! Comes with a black tube. So cheap!!! Mana mau cari???

(Remind myself: Must iron the dress today -_-)

Grey pumps - RM30!

You read that right! RM30!!!! I was so surprised when I saw the price tag because I couldn't believe my eyes that a pair of heels costs only RM30! That's like... AUD$10 only omg! MANA MAU CARI???

Initially I wanted to buy black heels because I already have a white one at home. Unfortunately, they only have it in grey, brown or milk colour :( Brown is nice but it's hard to match with clothes so I opted for grey instead :D Like, finally I found a similar pair of pumps that has LOWER heels and COMFORTABLE! It's soooo comfortable to wear seriously~!

Remember I whined earlier about my killing white pump heels? This is how it actually looks like...

Love it because it's red and white in colour :) Both my fav colours!

Unfortunately, it's too painful to wear T_T I bought it early this year (before I went back to Aus) for more than RM50 but I only got to wear it after I came back to Malaysia hahaha...

Initially I thought of selling it off online since I spent >RM50 on it and I wore it once only but after much consideration and advices from friends, I decided to keep it instead. I won't be selling it anymore nor giving it away! I love it too much to let it go :p

Reason why I said it's uncomfortable and it's killing me is because the pumps are made of hard material so it feels tight and the tomboy me isn't used to wearing 3inch heels so fast (after wearing sports shoes and slippers in Aus for such a long time). Thankfully I bought the grey one which has a softer material so it's oh-so-comfortable :D

My sense of fashion has matured and much more feminine now I realised. I'm beginning to like heels and pumps a lot lately so it's good I reckon. Cheok thinks that the way I dress is too safe and more to the good girl type (again, I don't deny that I'm one hahaha).

The fact is, I really like anything simple, yet elegant. That's me :p


By the way, anyone selling nice waist clincher? Or any idea where I can buy a nice one?

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