Friday, September 11, 2009

We went to New York!

Yesterday I actually bother dress up for dinner with uni friends :D

Well, since Timmy and Sim came back from Australia weeks after me, we didn't really meet up for a proper dinner (other than bumping into Tim+Miss A in Curve last time) so when I was chatting with Sim in MSN the other day, I casually asked him to go out for a dinner together with everyone.

I'm really glad because busy people like Ken and Tsu Lynn actually spared some time to meet up with us *touched*

Initially I was suppose to drive to One U but dad told me last minute that he'll be going to Ipoh for work and bro needs the other car to pick up mum and youngest bro so I'm left without a choice but to ask my darling Li Lee and MFai to give me a lift. Thanks a million T___T

We are suppose to meet up by 5pm but everyone ended up more than 30mins late =.=''' So Malaysian! LOL. What's even more shocking was Yung Hui dressed up so prettily yesterday!!!! Must buy lottery already because she's always in casual wear and often lazy to dress up nicely :p

Coincidentally, 3 of us wore pumps! No idea why we chose to take pic in front of Canton-i but I think the photo above looked weird as well - as if the 3 of us felt awkward with each other =.=

And Yung Hui seems like she has stomach ache =_______=

Sweet betul!

Initially I tied my hair up in a bun but decided to drop the idea because my face looked so much rounder wtf. Don't want to meet up with long-time-no-see friends and have them to remind me that I've put on weight *sob*

Cute betul! Yung Hui (left) and Li Lee.

LOL seriously this photo kept me laughing for a long time yesterday because Meng Fai wanted to put his hand on Yung Hui's shoulder but was afraid that she mind. So he was hesitating whether to put or not to.

I laughed because it reminds me of this photo taken awhile back!

Hahahaha can you see what is so funny about the photo above??? Look at his hand! LOL!

Seriously guys, if a girl agreed to take pic with you, don't be afraid to put your hand around her shoulder/waist because she said okay and it's normal! We are not living in the stone age please!!!!

So that's what I told MFai and he demanded to retake the photo with Yung Hui again hahaha

Hahahaha omg I can't stop laughing at Meng Fai I don't know why.

Sweet to the maximum. Bila mau kahwin?

We went to check out Seoul Garden but Ken, who tried the place before, said that it's not quite worth the money paid so we headed over to Garden Cafe and for some reason, everyone don't want that place either.

So I suggested we take a walk around the Cold Storage area to check out because I wanted to try out New York New York Deli for the longest time and coincidentally Miss A suggested us to try NYNY Deli so yay~!!!

I had always wanted to try out this place each time I pass by this place with my friends. Now I finally have the chance *beams*

Next time when people ask you where you went for dinner, you can tell them "Oh! I went to New York for dinner!!" hahahahaha can mislead people that you're living the life of a millionaire wtf.

When Sim and I planned for this dinner, we didn't expect such huge turnout because we only called a few of our friends over. Turns out, everyone was in pairs so.... yea.... you know why T_T

There were 13 of us. We conquered a long table joint by the staff there for us. How cool is that? ^^

Li Lee & Meng Fai.

Timmy & the pretty Miss A :D

Jordan & Sylvia.

Ken & his super cute gf Kai Fei (not too sure of the spelling :p).

Mun Wai & I. Obviously not a pair.

Yung Hui and the hot Tsu Lynn who came super late because she just woke up. What is this woman???

Last but not least, the 13th person who got left out alone was none other than our joker....

Sim. Don't be sad okay? Next time will be your turn in pair and my turn to be alone wtf.

Super huge Root beer Float.

I ordered this recommended drink called Pink Inc.

Not bad. No idea what it was as no description is given in the menu but I liked it anyway.

My drink and Li Lee's. Li Lee's drink is slightly more sourish and gassy, but pretty good nonetheless.

Seafood pizza.

Thanks to MFai and MWai's generosity, they gave each of us a piece to try. Alright in my opinion because I'm not quite used to the weird taste. I can't describe how weird the taste was but well, just weird in my opinion.

I ordered this Cheesy Chicken.

This is actually pretty good! Although the chicken is not tender enough and the cheese is sinful but it's good!

Only managed to take photos of food within my reach so couldn't take photos of all the food ordered from those seated far away from me.

The night was very enjoyable with a lot of catching ups with everyone - with Tsu Lynn especially. Food was pretty good and satisfying. It feels great to speak English (important because I need to improve my Eng further and I'm beginning to use 'lah' again in my coversations and writings. BAD! :( ) as well so that's like killing many birds with 1 stone wtf.

After the dinner, we left One Utama at around 10+ and since it was still early, MFai, LiLee, TLynn and I adjourned to Jaya One Oldtown White Coffee for a drink and chit chats. Spent more than an hour there and I was obviously overdressed so I hoped nobody's staring or laughing at me T_T At the end of the night, Tsu Lynn offerred to send me home instead of MFai since we both lived pretty near to each other. Thanks a lot babe!

My dad caught a glimpse of Tsu Lynn in front of my house and commented, "Wah... your friend who sent you home, quite pretty eh?"

"Yes! And she's hot as well!" :) I answered.

Too bad guys, she's not available unless you are a singer who are able to compete with her so-called 'special friend' xD

Can't wait to hang out again with them so faster plan another outing together! I don't want to be the planner again though.

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