Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Steamboat: Ketam Village revisited

The last time I paid a visit to this place was April last year! That's more than a year ago! Well, I guess it happened a couple of weeks ago where Yung Hui and I were passing by this restaurant after movie and then I commented that this place serves pretty good steamboat and it's worth a try.

Hence, she decided to have her birthday lunch celebrated over there instead. I'm such a good advertiser because people tend to try/buy things that I recommend. Just like A Slice of Heaven entry that I wrote a while back. So many of my friends called to ask about this shop's location and what to buy from there. Advertisers should totally pay me because of my credibility and good taste wtf.

Just pay me with a slice of Durian Chocolate is enough wtf my advertising worth so little.

The Steamboat - Ketam Village revisited. Ahhhh... nostalgia....

We have to wait about 10mins for a big table that could accommodate 8 of us. Attendees on that day were:-

1) Ken and Jia Hui
2) Li Lee and Meng Fai
3) Jordan and Sylvia
4) Yung Hui and I (this is perhaps the only reason why it sucks to be single T_T)

The girls - without Jia Hui because she went to the ladies :(

Must have a photo taken with my darling of course!

Seriously, I'm such a hardcore Nike fan.

I wore: Nike top from Australia, shorts from Australia, Nike shoes from Australia, Fossil watch from Australia, bag from Australia and Nike socks from Malaysia.

Nike should totally hire me to be their walking advertisement/model! LOL.

Yung Hui said I looked very sporty on that day. Yea, I wore shoes because my legs were aching. And I really love my red Nike shoes a lot ^^

The host of the day looked absolutely sweet in this dress that she borrowed from her sister :) Better if she didn't wear that slipper though.

Now, it sucks not to have any sisters to share clothes with me T_T

As you can see, Yung Hui cut her hair again. And I haven't gotten any hair cut in the past 8 months wtf.

What I like about dining at this place is their quick service. The staffs are very attentive and polite - where many eateries are lacking of these days. Besides, I also like the clean environment and how they always wipe the tables with antiseptic liquid to kill germs.

As usual, I ordered their tomyam soup again because I know they serve very spicy and sour tomyam soup ^^

Time to indulge!

There are 2 soup base available - clear and tomyam soup. You may add additional herbals for RM3.90 - which is strongly recommended because it smells and tastes SO GOOD after adding them. Jordan complimented that the food served was fresh - which I agree with him. On another note, remember to try their chili paste. Confirm gives you orgasm wtf.

Yung Hui footed the bill :) Thanks a lot for the wonderful meal!

After the hearty lunch, we split to different groups to do some shoppings and then high-tea at a new eatery place called Hawker Centre - located right opposite The Steamboat: Ketam Village. Sadly, I didn't take any pic of the place though.

Oh wait! I think I did.

Us in front of the Hawker Centre :D

Hawker Centre is packed with people be it lunch, high tea or dinner time! I think Malaysians like to try out new places (I think the place is only a week old), so we shall see if this place is still so popular after a couple of months later. Also, this place has 3 sections that sell different types of foods.

One section serves a variety of yong tau foo, another section (called I Love Yoo!) sells congee, yau char kwai, ham chim peng those kind of unhealthy fried stuff that Malaysians love to eat and lastly, a section that offers Malaysian food like grilled sambal fish, etc.

Jordan, Sylvia, Meng Fai, Li Lee and I went there for high tea and I ordered a bowl of tau foo fa with black sugar (gula Melaka). Not too bad. The tau foo fa is smooth and warm :) Jordan ordered a bowl of congee and some fried yam and potato balls for us to share. I tried the yam ball and it's quite good, albeit a little cold and dry. However, Li Lee said that the potato balls are better so I guess I'll give that a try next time.

Both the Steamboat Ketam Village and Hawker Centre are located at the lowest floor of Ikano Power Centre. I Love Yoo! is also available at The Gardens and One Utama Old Wing.

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