Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends!
It's better to be late than never, kan? xD


Painted my nails in a rush few days ago.

I used my favourite colours - red and pearl white again :D Managed to find some leftover nail stickers in the drawer so sticked them on as well before rushing to go out.

I guess I'm quite a rough girl after all because a few of the petals came off already T_T I can't believe that I painted my nails so many times lately - something that I won't do so often back then wtf. What to do... too free at home.

Went out to yamcha with Wai Mun, Siok Yee, Khoon Wah, Thian Jeen, Jonathan and his gf on Sunday night.

Hair was very wavy and volumized on that day. Extra happy because my hair looked good ^^

But unhappy because TJ said I looked better under the cap because it covers 1/4 of my face wtf. T_T

And seriously, why Jonathan always managed to nail on those hot/pretty girls??? His gf, Aubrey, is sibeh pretty lor!!!!!! All his gfs, by far, are all pretty too!

Aubrey is a chic from Sunway UC. I guess the rumours regarding Sunway has many pretty girls are true after all ;) So, which uni has many good looking guys? I want to pay that uni a visit already since I'm so free.

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