Monday, September 14, 2009

Rocket United Cafe, ss2

The cafe that I went to 2 days ago for dinner proves to be something different!

Not the usual low end restaurant with good food or high end ones with nice ambiance. Today's cafe that I'm going to introduce is Rocket United Cafe - the first "political" cafe around owned by the DAP party.

It was officially opened on August 9 and when I asked Wai Mun where she'd suggest us to dine, she suggested this place that she got to know from email. Before meeting up with the rest at night, Florence asked me to go for a walk with her to the Curve's flea market.

Jaclyn in black! How rare is that wtf. Die die also must wear a white spaghetti inside.

This was my look of the day. Initially I wanted to let my hair down since I had 'good hair day' but decided to tie it up into a bun in the end because I'm pretty sure that I'll be sweating a lot after going to the flea market.

The moment Florence got into my car, she exclaimed, "Wah... you tied your hair into a bun! You look good in it!"

People are always surprised whenever I tie my hair. LOL.

^^ Thanks a lot dear *shy* Face also looked rounder I know.

Rocket United Cafe @ ss2.

Located on same row as Maybank and a few shops away from the famous KTZ, Rocket United is not too difficult to locate. Since I have to pick up Cheok from Jalan 222, I was slightly late and the rest has already arrived and was seated downstairs.

Not long later, we decided to move upstairs instead because it was a little bit noisy downstairs and we have a lot of catching ups to do with each other.

Here's how their first floor looks like...

Super cute baby girl!!!!

Eye catching wallpapers of the DAP supporters can be seen on both levels. However, the thing that interests me the most is none other than....


I immediately went to sit on it because it's so comfortable ^^

There are 3 tables available at the outdoor area.

It shouldn't be too hot to sit outside because there were quite a few aircons placed for the comfy of their customers.

They also have this Jap style dining area that confirm will make your legs numb and backache after a few hours.

I booked the whole level upstair wtf.

It was really syiok at first because we were the only table there and we have a waiter to attend us. FEELS LIKE A VIP OR SOMETHING LOR!

I wasn't feeling shy so I hopped on to my favourite sofa to take picture xD

Really like it a lot because it's so NEW and CLEAN since the cafe is only a month old. Even the pillows are still very white and clean!

I don't think I'd lie down on the sofa after a year or so -_-

You read that right, I lied down on the sofa as if I was on my own bed hahaha...

Why not? The sofa is bigger and more comfortable than my own bed wtf. But didn't take pic of me lying down because I'm shy double wtf.

The girls :D

Same girls+Florence who went to the toilet earlier.

There's only 1 toilet upstairs but it's very, very clean. Again, this place is only a month old that's why.

Flo took this photo of me who refused to get down from the sofa and decided to sit there and chat with the rest instead.

Love new cafe like this because it's clean and we were the only table upstairs. But all good things will come to an end because people began to come in and not long later, the place was packed with people T_T

Teng and WMun.

The 2 girls who organised their 21st bday party on the same day and caused us to rush from PJ to Puchong in 1 night.

Cheok and Suet Mei.

Didn't see Suet Mei for such a long time!!! Miss her so much and she still remains the same girl that I used to know since primary school. She didn't change at all from the way she talks and behaves :)

Florence and your blogger.

Don't ever say that I looked like an aunty with my hair tied up like this T_T Keep that to yourself thank you very much.

Uncle Wong who came late.

One of my friend said, "This place is owned by DAP! But I'm a MCA supporter"

Wtf. Don't say that there! Are you trying to get us killed???


Coincidentally, our drinks were all in green! Damn lame I know.

Fried Keow Teow.

According to Florence, she said it sucked because it was tasteless and the portion is pretty small too.

Teng, Suet and I ordered this Seafood Tomyam.

Taste wise, not too bad. Sour and spicy enough but strangely, I find it a little bit sweet - as if they put in sugar or something -_-. Not the best tomyam I've had but definitely worth trying.

Sarawak asam laksa.

I tasted this asam laksa soup from Wai Mun and to my surprise, it's not like the usual asam laksa that I used to have. Not the usual sour fish-based asam laksa soup. It tasted exactly like curry laksa and it comes without the sweet shrimp paste (hae ko). And they gave normal vermicelli. I guess this is either the way Sarawak asam laksa is suppose to be OR they gave my friend the wrong Sarawak laksa -_-

Cheok's nasi lemak.

I thought the rendang looked really good! Didn't try it but Cheok said the rendang tasted a bit funny to her (for I don't know what reason) so she didn't finish the chicken. Maybe she's not used to the spices they used or something. Sambal wise, she did not comment.

Overall, food was average. Staffs are friendly and helpful but services are WAY too slow!!! It takes a long time for them to serve our drinks and food but I forgive them because we were seated upstairs instead.

We spent around 3 hours there eating and chatting. We reminisced 5 years ago about our times back in high school and everyone pretty much still look the same as before while I, apparently, was the only one who changed the most (in look wise) compared to the rest. We also talked about our upcoming class gathering that I'm trying to plan and I kinda forced everyone to bring their significant other along.

"5 years after Form 5, we bring our bf/gf along for class gathering. 5 years from now, I think you all will be bringing your husband/wife already."

I don't think I'll be in that category since getting married early is not quite what I wanted.

TJ came super late after work. Stop smoking already! =(

We left the place at 10.30pm and went to join TJ and his friends at the mamak. Spent an hour there chatting and realised that those guys eat like a monster =.='''

My super adorable souvenir given by Florence from Hong Kong ^^ LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I'm a sucker for cute stuff although I may not seems like it I know. But no, not that Hello Kitty or Pucca type of cute please.

Alright I wasn't feeling well so I guess I got to sign off now. I don't even know what I'm typing right so I'll re-read this entry later. Yesterday I was on the phone till 5.30am wtf!!! There goes my beauty sleep you idiot T_T

Rocket United Cafe,
18, Jln SS2/63.
(located on the same row as Maybank, few shops away from KTZ)

Good night and don't sleep so late! Unless you want to look old or haggard like me of course T_T

p/s - Other than me sitting on the sofa that night, I don't see anyone else sitting on it. How weird is that???

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