Monday, September 21, 2009

Reasons why I don't read my friends' blog

To be very honest, I read many famous blogs but I don't quite read my own friends' blog. Funny isn't it at how I'd read strangers' blog instead of reading my friends' one.

That's because I cannot stand it when my friends are so hardcore in promoting their blogs everywhere and care so much about their daily hits. What I dislike the most is the way they blog isn't they way they are in person. I call this as online persona.

I just.... just can't accept this online persona of theirs :(

Since I like them for who they are, hence, I avoid reading their blogs so that I don't get irritated because I don't want judge them from the way they blog. At times I don't understand, why blog for fame? Why can't they just be themselves when they write?

However, I do read a handful of my friends' blog who write to express their thoughts instead of gaining fame and hits. They are being so real even with their online persona, so by reading their blogs, I find that I'm able to know them better. These people are the ones who don't give 2 f*cks about what people think about them because they just want to express themselves to their friends who read.

I have always blog for my friends to read. So I'd like to believe that my readers are mostly my friends who know me personally and how honest I am in penning my thoughts instead of judging me for all the wrong reasons. Notice at how each time I ask a question in my blog but there isn't any comment? That's because my friends give me feed backs in msn or when we meet up instead. Either way, I'm happy ^^

Being popular online is not as happy as being popular among your friends for real.

To those who blog just they way you are and being real, yes, I do read your blog :)

p/s - I blog they way I speak in real life. I do use the word sibeh in my conversations with friends hahahaha. The differences would be I'm funnier in person (as told by friends seriously) and I don't use wtf that much. I have no idea why I like to use wtf a lot in my blog wtf.

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