Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Little Brother

Since Selangor was on holiday yesterday, it's rare for me to see both my brothers at home when I woke up. In fact, I was awaken by the noise emitted from their room *black face*

As promised, I brought my youngest brother to Sushi Zanmai since he has no uni and he has never tried that place before. Ya, my brother is that pitiful *sob* My eldest brother refused to join us for lunch by giving excuses that 'he's lazy' and 'would rather rest at home instead'.

But he ended up going out with his friends wtf.
I think he knows that he has to foot the bill if he comes along lor!

Despite going there at around 2.35pm, there's a queue in front of Zanmai (as expected) and while waiting for our seats, my brother joked that he's worried he'll bump into his friends. So I joked back "very embarrassing to go out with sister is it now????"

He said he's worried that his friends might tease him that his sister is pretty WTF! Earlier this year I went to PC Fair with my brothers and my younger bro bumped into his friend there and his friend said, "Your sister is damn hot".

=_______________________= Super wtf to the maximum.

Firstly, I'm nowhere near the word pretty or hot. Secondly, my brother is embarrassed of his friends teasing him that his sister is pretty =.='''' No wonder my brother is so afraid of me meeting his friends T_T

Dammit suddenly I feel the need to lose weight in order to meet my bro's friends' expectations wtf. Imagine after all the rumours and the first thing his friends say when they see me is "Your sis so fat one"

I'll suicide man.

We both ordered and ate so much until we couldn't eat dinner at all :( So I don't have to cook yesterday night and the rest of them have to tapau (takeaway) instead.

Family chef also need a rest day just like those Indonesian maids okay.

Brother and I proceeded to walk around One Utama for another 1 hour before heading home. Actually, he accompanied me to shop for heels and dresses (didn't get to buy any in the end) so I always believe this brother of mine will make a good bf in future.

He's gentleman, patient and protective - well trained by me <- main point hahahaha...

Protective is because each time people stare at me for I-don't-know-what-reason, my brother will stare back at them fiercely. For example, yesterday, there's this uncle staring at me non-stop to the extend he didn't realise his kids were calling him and ignored them wtf. And what my brother did was, he gave the uncle cock stare for a long time until he don't dare to look at me anymore hahahahaha.

Can you imagine, this little baby that I raised up since young and pledged to protect him from bullies ended up protecting me? Huhuhu... you've grown up brother T_T

Eh, there's a weakness in him!

He takes absolutely blurry picture :(

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