Sunday, September 06, 2009

KTZ, Kepong Baru

Went all the way to Kepong KTZ (Kei Tak Shek) for supper with darlings last Thursday :D

I love travelling to places for good food :p What's more, I loveeee impromptu yamcha outings because it's always fun!

So yea, on one of those nights, Li Lee called and suggested we go all the way to Kepong for supper since Yung Hui has to go home early every night so going to her "territory" leaves her without a choice but to join us no matter what.

The lovely couple came to pick me up (I'm always the lamp post wtf) around 10+ because I don't know the way to KTZ *shy*

Upon arrival, saw 2 friends (Donald Duck and his gf) from HELP UC but since we weren't close, we just exchanged 'Hi' and went to order our supper hahaha.... Super lc like that wtf.

We had heavy supper that night!

Yung Hui and Meng Fai ordered 'suet kap', which is frog's saliva with red dates and gingko I think. So sweet~ Love it.

Li Lee and I ordered this! I have no idea what it is but those are honeydew balls and it's super nice!!! :D

You see, I wouldn't say that I am a master/pro in Canto but the lady who took our order speaked sibeh fast until I have no freaking idea what she's talking about - especially when she's telling me about those dessert in Chinese. I even asked her to repeat a couple of times simply because I don't get her -_-

It was until she mentioned about this 'something something dan mut gua' and Meng Fai said it's very good for girls so I just ordered that without knowing what is it =.= Frankly speaking, I thought it was papaya all along.

Right until my dessert came. I asked, "How come the papaya is in this colour?" The rest then corrected me that "mut gua" is honeydew. "Muk gua" is papaya.

Turns out, I can't even differentiate honeydew and papaya in Chinese. FML.
Now I know why my friends always laugh at my Canto T_T

Don't know fried what with green bean paste. Those you get to eat during Chinese wedding dinner :)

Since Li Lee and I can't read Chinese, we relied on Yung Hui to translate and order for us *digging a hole to bury our face*

This one I know! Fried dumplings *beams*

My favourite!!! I love fried dumplings and siu long bao ^^ But I haven't eaten any siu long bao since I came back *hinting to friends* :p

Here comes my favourite dish of the night....

I have no idea what this is called! +_+

It was recommended by the staff there and they ONLY sell this on Thursday! And in Kepong only too if I'm not mistaken! How not to give this a try right you tell me? We have no regret ordering it because it's sooooooo good!

It was made of 3 layers (as explained by the lady) - an outer layer of green bean paste with another layer of potato, wrapped around the salted egg yolk.

High cholesterol but it's too good to resist~! Trust me ;)

Meng Fai drinking frog's saliva. LOL!

Love Longma's dressing on that day :D We both even have a similar white pump heels! A coincidence or what???? LOL.

Ms Yung Hui - face reading master of the night. She even brought her dad's books over!

It seems like MFai and Li Lee both have really good features while mine isn't T_T But YHui later admitted that it's pretty difficult to read my features because my features are unique. No idea what she meant but she suggested I ask the pros instead =.=''''

Maybe features and future too bad until very hard to read I reckon? T_T

But anyhow...

I enjoyed the night very much ^^

Nothing can stop me from enjoying myself with friends on a night like this so no matter how bad my future/life will be, I don't take it to my heart personally because the words 'not giving up', 'tough' and 'fighting against fate' defined who I am.

I don't give in to the word 'fate' all the time. Shouldn't we all fight for our future instead of sitting there, letting 'fate' decides our future? If I'm fated to be very poor in future (thanks to the stupid extreme line wtf), I'm going to change my future by working hard!

Just watch me.

In the end of the day, we sapu-ed everything and the couple ordered another bowl of Mango sai mai lou because Longma was craving for it :)

Left the place around 11.45pm and reached home around 12.10am. Parents were pretty surprised that I came home early that day wtf. Well, it's the 7th month so everyone wanted to go home early just in case.

I'm not too scared since I've encountered things like this a couple of times :p

Heavy rain now in PJ so I better offline now to read book instead =]
Good night~!

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