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Jaclyn's 101 Safety Tips When Facing Stalkers/Strangers

A girl should always be careful or take precaution whenever they are out alone - especially when you are being approached by stranger(s). For instance, since young, I've been running around on my own hence, I was easily being targeted by people.

I've been stalked a couple of times by strangers and here are some of my real experiences and what I did that I think I should share with you girls.

Precaution tips when girls are being stalked by strangers.

Case 1
The latest case that happened to me was 2 days ago when I sent my youngest brother to e-Curve for a haircut. So after dropping him in front of e-Curve, I went to look for a parking on my own and spent some time in Borders to kill time. As I was walking around looking for interesting books to buy, I realised that there's this man in his late 20s kept following me around. Initially I thought, "Wow. This dude is interested in fiction, non-fiction, horror, business, psychology, Asian history and self-help sections just like me huh?"

Then, I stopped to browse through a book that intrigues me. This man suddenly whispered "Hi" behind my ear wtf! Shocked, I turned around and smiled back. He walked away, and then came back again to ask if I'm local and if I stay around that area. Trying to be nice, I answered, "Yes I'm local", put back the book and walked off. However, he still follows me around which is beginning to creep me out so I decided to leave the place. While I was heading to the exit, he stopped me and said, "You look very cute" and gave me a wink as well wtf!!!!

I smiled and ran off as fast as I could.

Jaclyn's tip: When you are facing situation like this where strangers are trying to get to know you, try to be nice by just smiling back at them and then leave. You can also answer his questions by giving back a short answer like a 'yes' or 'ya' and that's it! Don't try to start a conversation with them. The reason why I said you must try to be nice and don't tell them off because it's not advisable to piss them off when you are alone. You don't want to mess with people like this, don't you?

Case 2
After walking out from the Borders, I was being approached by this credit card guy who's trying to get me to listen to his credit card plans. After some explanations from him, I told that I already have cc from their bank (it's true! But not going to disclose which bank though) and that I'm not interested. He was being all nice and kept persuading me to his booth for further explanations. I declined politely and he suddenly asked for my name and hp number so that he can contact me for latest updates of the cc -_________-

Ridiculous. The bank has my info, no? I was skeptical because I don't think they actually ask people for their hp numbers like that so I smiled back, told him that it's okay and excused myself.

Jaclyn's tip: Don't simply disclosure your private information if you think something is not right. Be smart.

Case 3
Many years ago I was out shopping with Teng in Jusco One U and then this tourist (not going to give too much info, otherwise I'll be told for being racist wtf) smiled at me from afar but I gave no reaction and walked off because I thought he was smiling at someone else. He then approached me while I was browsing through some clothes and asked for my favour to try on a shirt that he had just paid because my size is similar to his I-don't-know-who. He needs me to try on to ensure that his I-don't-know-who can fit wtf. Trying to be nice, I actually obliged (wtf this proves that I was too naive back then) and tried for him since I have Teng there just in case anything bad happens.

He then kept thanking me for my help and asked me for the way back to his hotel One World. I began to sense something was amiss and despite knowing the way to One World, I told him that I'm not familiar with One Utama and he should ask the staff instead. But he was very persistent. He kept asking me to lead him back to his hotel and would like to introduce his friends to me WTF! I kept walking away from him with Teng but he kept following us and told me that his friends would like to know some local nice girls like Teng and I.

I began to get frustrated, raised my voice and I no longer have the smile on my face. He got my hint and left but came back again to ask for my hp number -_______- I told him very frankly that I don't give my num to strangers and quickly walked away.

Jaclyn's tip: If you are nice to strangers but they are being VERY persistent like the dude above, show him that you are frustrated and hopefully he got your hint and get lost. But don't be too rude because if he gets angry and you are angry as well, you both will ended up arguing in public wtf. Not quite a scene that I'll get myself into. And please, don't be too nice like me who agreed to try on clothes for people. I admit I was tooooo naive back then :(

Case 4
Whenever I hang out with my brothers, we always go our separate ways so at times I'll be shopping on my own before meeting up with them later. Once, there were 2 men who followed me around the shopping mall and it kinda worries me. What I did was, to clear my suspicions (of them following me), I purposely go in to some shops and seeing them following me in as well, I'm certain that they were following me so I quickly called my brothers to join them. That 2 men, after seeing my eldest brother's size, I think they got freaked out and left hahahaha

Jaclyn's tip: When you think you are being stalked, go in to some shops or go to a crowded area and avoid quiet places like the toilet or corners where ATM machines are being placed. Quickly call and join back your dates.

Case 5
When I was still schooling, I have to walk home at times after my club meetings and it's usually during the odd hours like 3-5pm when the housing areas are quiet because people all went to work. Because of this, I met flashers thrice at my housing area alone.

Each time what I did was - I saw, I stayed calm, I maintained my composure and gave them a 'Cheh... your brother so small one. Don't bother to show me please' look, continued walking without looking back at them and praying in my heart that they won't follow me home wtf.

Jaclyn's tip: The reason why flashers flash their little brother is because they get excited when females scream in horror (and besides the fact that they are psycho!). So if you are brave like me, give no reaction, act cool and continue walking as if you didn't see anything - hopefully they find it potong stim and drive off wtf. Otherwise, scream as loud as you can!!!

Case 6
I took lrt home one day and I found this man kept staring and followed me around the lrt station. Initially I didn't realise this because I was listening to my music. But because I'm always very careful and stay alert whenever I'm alone, I turned around and saw him keeping an eye on me so instead of walking home alone and having to pass through back alley, I went in to 7-11 and called my dad to pick me up instead. I stayed in the 7-11 right until my dad comes and he stood outside looking at me until I left wtf.

Jaclyn's tip: Go in to any shop and wait there for your prince charming to come. In my case, my prince is pretty old - my dad =.=''' Also, avoid blasting your music on your Ipod/mp3 player because you have to be aware of the surroundings no matter what. That's why the volume on my Ipod isn't that loud because I have to be aware if a motorcyclist is tailing behind me, etc.

I have a few more experiences but I think I'll stop here because I'm beginning to pity my life already wtf.

Anyhow, girls should always be aware/alert whenever they are out alone. Be smart. Only you can save yourself when shit unforeseen circumstances happen. Hope my tips help :p

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