Friday, September 18, 2009

Great Bargain Shop

Alright. As much as I wanted to tell why I was so tired yesterday, but I couldn't. Not until next week because it's not quite right to say anything about it now.

But I went to KL yesterday. And it was soooo hot :( I have to walk to the Kelana lrt station from my house, took Putra lrt to KL Sentral before switching over to KL Monorail. Walked so much yesterday simply because I can't drive to KL because I don't know KL road that well.

No, in fact, I don't know KL road at all wtf.

I never drove to KL before. Seriously. It's either I was being driven or I took trains over hahahaha I'm so ashamed of myself because I'm already 22 wtf.

Going to KL at 2pm was quite an eye-opening experience because there were so many working adults all over the place - as if they don't have to work =.= There were many youngsters as well in school uniforms and I laughed in my heart that "thank goodness I no longer need to wear those hideous pinafore anymore", although I miss wearing baju kurung very much.

At the same time, I feel sad to see those teenagers because I'm no longer in that category T_T Aih, age is such a sad issue.

While I was walking alone in KL, there were 2 Ukrainians women approached me for direction to the Orchid Garden. As much as I wanted to help but sadly, I really buta KL road -_- So I advised them to ask the staff in KL Sentral (information counter staff) instead. I realised that each time I'm in KL, I always have tourists asking me for direction (Australians, Ukrainians, Hong Kies. etc). Do I look very trustworthy and informative or I do look like a person who understands English?

After I was done with my work in KL, I took the same trains back to Kelana. Seriously, it took me 1 hour and 15mins to KL and another 1 hour and 15mins back to Kelana! It took me 2 hours and 30mins in total wtf!!!! Have to walk here and there some more. Since I walked so much yesterday, I dreaded to walk home and since my dad said he's on the way home from Sunway UC, I decided to wait for him to pick me up from Kelana lrt instead.

While waiting, I realised that there's this huge mart (beside 7-11, painted in red) newly opened so I went in for a walk to kill time. This mart is huge but rather empty because it's new, many things are still unpack yet but somehow, somehow it reminds me of Reject Shop/Crazy Clark's in Brisbane. Dammit I'm missing Australia again wtf.

They sell a wide variety of stuff - more than Reject Shop and Crazy Clark's except for food. They do not sell food but all their other things are so cheap!!!! I saw the same bowl that Xu and Suann bought from Crazy Clark's (the pink and green bowl at home) at $5 (if I'm not mistaken) but this shop sells the EXACT same bowl for RM2.50!!!!!!!

Malaysia Boleh!

Spiderman mini fan.

I don't know why but it seems like Spiderman is doing blowjob wtf. Sorry I don't mean to be dirty minded but it really seems like it to me.

They even sell wheelchair and mahjong tables wtf. And many poker and mahjong sets too.

So colourful :D

I believe I'll frequent to that place whenever I need anything because the things are so cheap! How I wish they'd sell some junk/canned food so that I don't have to go all the way to Giant Mall anymore.

Please sell junk food like preserved guava because I purposely dropped by at Sg Wang on the way back yesterday just to buy a large packet of preserved guava at Watsons for RM10.90. I bet the price will be cheaper if they do sell junk food there - just like the Reject Shop ^^

Best if they'd give discount card to Taman Mayang residents hahaha.

Off to paint my nails! Have a wonderful day ahead ;)


Happy 22nd Birthday to Yung Hui :)

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