Monday, September 07, 2009

Gerai Seong Kee, PJ Oldtown

The other day my dad brought us out for dinner in PJ Oldtown - an area we won't usually go for dinner because it's pretty far away from where I stay.

That day was exceptional because we have to go to the Chinese temple to pray for my grandparents so my dad thought it's the best chance to try out a place recommended by Ah Xian from his show Taste with Jason .

If you are familiar with Oldtown, this hawker centre is located opposite the wet market. From outside, it looks like another market but inside consists of many stalls. Apparently there's a VERY famous chicken rice stall inside but I've never tried that before so I can't comment on that.

The restaurant for the day is....

Gerai Seong Kee :)

I was shocked to find that there are only a few tables placed in front of the stall so to those who want to try this place out, do go early.

Curry fish head.

This curry fish is actually very flavorful. The curry is thick and they are pretty generous with the amount of fish meat given - along with other vegetables such as cabbages, brinjals, long beans, etc.

Hakka braised pork belly with black fungus.

To me, it's alright. Nothing to shout about because I find that the fats in pork belly is a bit too much (and scary!) and lack of gravy. I think the one I had at Ying Ker Lou was much better.

Black vinegar pork knuckle/trotter.

I would say that this was my favourite dish that night. Albeit there isn't much meat but the way they cooked it tasted exactly the way my grandma makes it. I really miss my grandma's cooking a lot so this does brings back some memories of how my grandma would purposely cook it whenever I request although it requires a lot of work and preparation.

But this small bowl of pork trotters is pretty expensive! Only 4 pieces of meat inside and they charged RM15 -_-

Hakka Abacus.

Yes! This dish was named abacus because it looked like one! According to the ladyboss, the "abacus" is made of kneaded yam and tapioca flour. Taste wise, it's pretty chewy - something I've never tried before so now I know how Hakka abacus dish tastes like :p

If you like coriander, you'll like this dish :) I dislike coriander so I didn't help myself with this dish that much.

Normal vege.

No idea what it's called but it's normal in my opinion. You can get this from any tai chau restaurant anyway :)

If you are curious why this stall was being featured in 'Taste with Jason' TV program, do give this place a try and personally, I don't mind going back again to try out other dishes they have there. Still, I think the best curry fish head is still the Pangkor Curry Fish Head restaurant in Taman Megah. I grew up eating at Pangkor Curry Fish Head restaurant so you can't blame me for being bias :p

The staffs are friendly and nice to chat with. My mum actually embarrassed me by telling them that I'll be blogging/reviewing about their shop and she seemed extra friendly with me hahaha. Mum, you should've told them earlier. Who knows they might give us 20% discount, right?


Location:35, Taman Selera, (beside the wet and dry market)
Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya,
Close on Tuesday.

p/s - Ah Xian has his own blog so do try to navigate around on your own because I can't read Chinese so I can't provide the full address of this Gerai Seong Kee.

p/p/s - There are quite many good food around PJ Oldtown. Like the Bak Kut Teh stall that I went to with my girls before I left for Australia is a place worth trying ^^

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