Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fun night with loved ones

Yesterday night received a call from TJ for yamcha. Super last minute so I only managed to sms a few people so those that I didn't text, I'm sorry okay?

I casually called n texted a few friends who yamcha/sms with me often :p Since I don't want too many people to come, I didn't think about whom I've left out since I was rushing to go out upon receiving TJ's call. Too many people make it harder to chat with each other. Don't you hate it when everyone is seated together on the same table but is split into different groups to chat?

Yamcha at William because it's near to my house! So anyone can just pick me up since it's only a minute drive away xD Hehehe I miss this place so much!!!

Immediately ordered Ribena special *beams*

Ordered teh ais as my second drink because we spent such a long time there.

Uncle Wah.

Thian Jeen. The kanasai who called last min and then asked me to call the others =.=

Always treat me as an organiser T_T

Chin Howe who came late after work.

I laughed so much that night! I guess I'll always be happy when CHowe is around - you know, he with his witty jokes/antics. The way he and TJ tease each other are pure classic! Nobody jokes the way they do.

The surprise for the night is none other than the special appearance by this fella!

Chee Kin!

Omg I didn't see him after Form 5 until now!!! That's like... 5 years already? Time flies wtf.

TJ, Jac, Pui Yi, Wai Mun.

There's another guy named Frankie (CHowe's friend) but I didn't take any pic of him. Quite weird to ask him to take pic when I just got to know him on that day -.-

Drama happened! Oh so scandalous~!

Actually Chee Kin got provoked by William (this boss was so free yday - kept coming to our table to disturb us because he's close to my friends) to take more intimate and closer pic with Wai Mun hahaha...

Both also shy. Somehow, CKin suddenly look like an uncle after 5 years *swt*

However, the super latecomer was none other than....

Poh Yee. She rushed all the way over after work as well!

Yesterday night was really fun! We sat there from 9.30pm until 12.45am just by blowing water and laughing at silly jokes wtf. And I swear William is a super funny guy! His jokes are incomparable as well and I just got to know it after so many years. Yes, I've been William since young but this idiot only remembers my brother but not me T_T

Thanks ya all for coming despite being super last min! :D

Will organise another yamcha soon ^^

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