Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dilemma v.2

Remember the dilemma that I talked about last week?

I have already told him that I won't be attending his brother's wedding nor joining him at the family table. But interestingly, I found a very pretty wedding invitation card yesterday night at my house. My dad told me that we have to settle our own dinner on Sunday night because he and mum have a dinner to attend - at KL Hilton.

I was shocked! This Sunday? KL Hilton???

Shit. Don't tell me this world is so small! So I texted him to ask for his bro's name and jeng jeng jeng... his bro's name was the same name printed on the invitation card that my dad received!!! Turns out, my dad and the bride's dad are old friends so my parents are invited to their wedding banquet.

I told him about it and he said that I have even more reason to go now with my parents -_- I can't believe he actually spent 1 week persuading me to go with him, even after I've rejected his invitations again and again.

My mum knew the stuff going on between me and him. She was surprised as well on how small this world is! My mum wanted me to go with him all these while because she said I was being very harsh on guys that I don't like - esp him wtf.

Me: So mum... if I were to go with him right, you and dad will be seated at the bride's side. And I won't be seated with you all. I'll be seating at the family's table. OMG!!!! SO WEIRD RIGHT?
Mum: =.=''' Omg ya... that's really, really weird indeed.


Should I go or should I not? I can still let him know by tomorrow morning because he still has a place left for me wtf. If I go and I don't want to feel awkward, he has a table for his friends and I can join them there. Anyhow in the end, I'll be seated at the groom's side on the left while my parents will be seated at the bride's side on the right. Sigh.

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