Monday, September 07, 2009

Casual lunch at BarBQ Plaza

Since I turned down on a few invitations tonight because I wasn't in the mood, I stayed at home to online and listened to Jacky Cheung oldies wtf.

To my surprise, I even know how to sing a few of those songs - which further proves that Jacky Cheung is my era =.=''''

It's very rare that I feel unhappy over nothing at night. I have no idea why I'm upset because I'm not actually those emo kind of person. I'm more of a thinker than a feeler -_- But tonight is exceptional! I felt bad because I don't want to go out with my friends and there's this fella who spent a good 20mins persuading me to go out with him.

I know you won't be reading this, but I'm sorry yea :(

Those I turned down, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. Super no mood today I don't know why.

On Wednesday, the day before we went to KTZ, I went out with the same bunch of darlings to One Utama - my second home ^^ They are always free to hang out with me and best of all, one call and they'll go out with me. I seriously dislike people who jual mahal and wanted people to beg them to go out.

Sorry but begging is not my style. It's either a yes or no. Hate it when people say "See first" or "Who's going? He/She goes then I'll go". F this shit. Are we not your friends??? I bet many of you have encountered friends like this, don't you? Frustrated not?

People who have given me such experience before, I'll think twice before asking them out again. (Btw, first timer doesn't belongs in this category okay :))

Yung Hui munching on her fries.

And I bought an apple pie.

We both were superrrr hungry because we arrived early (I didn't even eat breakfast) but the couple were in the bank so they'll be late. So YHui and I went to buy something light to eat first - while waiting for them to come. We both then went to Jusco for grocery shopping!

Omg you can't imagine how much I miss doing my weekly grocery shopping!

Dad don't want me to do grocery shopping here in Malaysia because I always buy a lot of unnecessary stuff a.k.a junk food *sob*

That's my white pump heels - the one similar to Li Lee's. I think we both have telepathy because we always bought similar things but we didn't plan it together though ;) That 3 inch heels are killing me T_T I need another pair which is more comfortable. Sigh.

Lunch at BarBQ Plaza!

Not that I'll complain since I love to eat there so much :D

Yung Hui and I.

Timothy/Meng Fai and Isabelle/Li Lee/Longma. As loving as ever!

Did you know that initially I wanted Isabelle as my English name? I told my mum when I was young that I don't want the name Jaclyn but Isabelle instead. However, my mum said no because Jaclyn was given when I was born and my Eng name has to start with the letter J :\

Turns out, Li Lee's Eng name is Isabelle! You call this a coincidence??? I think we both really have telepathy wtf. I've never told anyone about this (that I wanted Isabelle as my Eng name) before too so I was really shocked when she told me that.

Buddy buddy ^^

Faster get married can? I want to be bridesmaid hahahaha

I know both of you will be reading this! I WANT TO BE A BRIDESMAID SO FASTER GET MARRIED CAN OR NOT?!?!?!

Lol. I think I'm freaking them out.

Since everyone is attached nowadays, single people like us.... broccoli quietly only lor *emo*

I'm hungry now :(

We sat there for more than 2 hours just to chat and laugh can you imagine that??? Time surely passes very quickly when you are having fun! After lunch, we went our separate ways because we wanted to go home before the jam starts. I think we all left around 5+.

Never knew that I'll be seeing them the following day for yamcha! Love hanging out with them so I have no complains :D

Hey, I think we should berbuka puasa together!!! LOL! Crap I've been eating so much in Malaysia till I've put on weight. Quite obvious from the photos above right? I think I need to start jogging like Sim already -_- If he don't want to be a fat boy, I lagi don't want to be a fat obese girl lor wtf!!!

Problem is... I'm not a morning person. And I have to cook in the evening. FML.

Ohya, Sim and I are both planning a dinner soon. Once confirmed will send out smses to you all :) Please make yourself available for this week okay~!

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