Friday, September 25, 2009

40 Things That I Love

There are too many things that I love so I'm going to share with you all what are the things that I use often.

You are now a step closer to knowing me better hahaha wtf.

All photos will be posted randomly and don't say that I didn't warn you as there are many photos ahead.

1. Camera.(RM699 if I'm not mistaken)

I just can't live without a camera. I am a person who love to take pics as memories keepsake so that I'm able to reminisce back years later and say, "Ahhh.. those were the days".

2. Ipod. I forgot to take picture of it but yea, I love it to bits and I simply can't live without it whenever I'm out alone.

3. Guess purse from Australia.

Sadly, it's stained now with orangy-red colour - which I suspect it is thanks to my red umbrella -_- Anyone has any idea how to remove any stains on the purse? T_T

4. External hard disk.

It is an essential for me because my 3-year-old laptop only has 60G disk space wtf. Old laptop ni.

5. Fossil watch from Australia.

The one and only watch that I have. I think I need to buy another one when I have the money :(

6. Nike shoes.

Brother bought this (and also a Nike top) for me in Australia as my graduation present :D It costs $100+, which is around RM300+ hahahaha no wonder he has to skip lunch now.

7. White sheer top from India. $15 (app. RM45)

I bought this from UQ's flea market and I LOVE it to bits!!! The material is soft so it's very comfortable to wear.

8. Purple sheer top from Nichii.

I think I bought it at RM50 2 years ago. I love it a lot because I like anything sheer :D

9. Man U shirt.

My brother bought it for me. I love because the size is big so it's comfortable to wear it out on days when I'm lazy to dress up :) For your information, I'm a Arsenal fan. My brother bought himself a Chelsea shirt, mum took Liverpool (she's a Liverpool fan anyway) while my youngest bro and I fought for Arsenal shirt but yea, you know who lost in the end.

10. Smiggle items from Australia.

I heart Smiggle items so any Smiggle stuff that I have, I treasure it a lot! I have more than what is shown above though :p

11. Mini hot pink straightener from Australia.

GREATEST PURCHASE EVER!!!! It's so small and convenient to carry around especially on trips where I have to pack light.

12. Sandal from Novo, Australia.

13. White heels from NZX (RM69.90). I forgot to take a pic of it but you can see a hint of it from the photo above. It's my trustable pair of heels because it's low, comfortable and of good quality. I wear it more often that I wear slippers nowadays. But it's worn out already now T_T

14. Red umbrella from Priceline.

Like it because it's red wtf. And I don't see any Malaysians using red umbrellas like mine :p

15. Optrex Eye Wash from Priceline.

16. Mascaras.

If you are a long reader of mine, I believe many of you know that I'm obsessed with mascaras. I love to buy mascaras a lot and my favourite buys are flamingo, Maybelline unstoppable and turbo express.

17. Pearl necklace.

Was a gift from the most important man in my life. The experience was interesting because I have to open the real oyster myself in order to take the pearl out. I don't have the guts so I ended up passing the job to my dad -_- A necklace that you see me wearing often regardless of the occasions.

18. Reader's Digest collections.

My favourite books ^^ But somehow, I don't have the time to finish all the books :( All were read halfway through and then left untouched =.= This is also a bad habit of mine of leaving things halfway hanging *shy*

19. Novels. I do have a few novels on my bookshelf although I often borrow from friends to read instead hahahaha *shy shy*.

20. Smith's chips.

Love Smith's sour cream & onion and sweet chilli flavour :D I WANT TO EAT THAT NOW!

21. Nike red top.

I love this Nike top a lot because it's a) Nike b) my first red top in my wardrobe and c) red in colour.

22. Red cheongsam from Nichii.

Alright. I don't own this cheongsam. I merely tried it on for fun last year with my friends. But I love it a lot because the cutting and length were perfect for my size and height. Too bad it was too expensive but still, it's in my list for the things I love wtf.

23. Grey pumps from Times Square (RM30)

24. Handbag from Charles & Keith.

Given by my university friends that I love heaps! :D

25. Garnier long-lasting shine control moisturizer.

This item is awesome! I'm not a person who use moisturizer because I have combination skin (oily T-zone, dry cheek) and I hate waking up to a very oily face. However, I have no idea why I have this in my drawer after I came back to Msia so I decided to use it one day because my skin was peeling due to Msia's weather.

I am amazed at how this moisturizer keeps my face shine free for HOURS! Trust me. I have very oily T-zone and very dry cheek (ya, everything in me is extreme just like my extreme line wtf) so when I said it's able to control the oil, it really does.

Now I use it as my make up base so that it helps to keep my face oil-free for hours after applying foundation ;) I swear by this product BUT I can't find this in the market already. I think Loreal has retrieved this product. Damn I have to use it bit by bit now so that it doesn't run out so quickly :(

26. Strawberry/Chocolate sundae from McD.

Both my brothers are very smart. Whenever they upset me, they'll buy me sundae/ice cream and then automatically I'll be happy and forgive them wtf I'm like a small kid.

27. Pink hair clip.

Have been using this for years and I'm surprised that it's still in good shape despite dropping and stepping on it countless times. This is the only hair clip I use because the size is perfect and very good quality :)

28. Earrings storage box.

Bought this together with Yung Hui in Australia and man, it proves to be the right choice because my earrings are so organised since then. It's actually a beads storage box but we use it to store our earrings instead :p

29. Nike white and gold cap from The Curve.

My favourite cap in the whole wide world! A combi of gold and white - oh so glamorous!

30. Bangles from Diva, Australia.

Given by my darling housemates Xu and Suann as my birthday present this year :)

31. Table mirror from Sg Wang (RM30).

Very convenient when applying make up.

32. Mascara base.

Whenever I apply mascara, I need a mascara base to hold my curled lashes because my natural lashes are very short so this is an essential to me. Seriously, among the few mascara base that I've used, Fasio one is the best! It feels so light and helps define the lashes too.

However, I noticed that all Fasio counters have closed down already in Malaysia so no more Fasio mascara base anymore T_T

33. ZA two-way Foundation.

Pretty good coverage and feels light on the face :) The only foundation I use other than BB cream.

34. Skin Food Black Sugar Mask.

I bought this more than a year ago because I think it's good after using their sample pack. As you can see, I still haven't rip off the plastic so you know how lazy I am in using face mask.

35. Lipgloss with light and mirror from Australia.

The most awesome and canggih cosmetic ever owned. It's so cool and convenient to use when I want to apply lipgloss in the car/at the club at night. Greatest invention for girls ever!!!

36. Laptop.

I don't think I can ever live without a laptop and internet in my life.

(By the way, don't you think the girl in my wallpaper looks like me? Minus the hamsup face of course)

37. Bag from Australia. $40 (app. RM120)

I always use this bag for casual outings because it's big, spacious and easy to match with my dressings. It looks something like a beach bag so I love it a lot! I like anything casual, simple and laidback so this fits my criterias ;)

38. Bottles of sand.

I love going to beaches. I actually wanted to collect sands from beaches that I visited to but I can't find suitable bottles to keep them :(

39. My bed, pillows and bolster. Need I say more?

40. Clamp lamp from Ikea (app. RM35)
Omg the Bart looked so evil -_-

The lamp is worth buying because I have a habit of reading books or comics before going to bed. Before this I have to get out of bed just to switch off the light so by having this, it's very convenient for my own comfort ^^

There you have it! These are the things that I like and would personally recommend to all ;) Of course there are many other things that I like as well but I think it's too many to include in this entry. You can try to make a list of your favourite items too! :D

I have to rush out for yamcha with Seaparkian friends!
Have a wonderful weekend you lovely people :)

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