Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yesterday's date was... erm... normal and a little bit unexpected.

Well, he came to pick me up for lunch and since I have time with him till 4pm (before going out with college friends), I wanted to go home after lunch at 2.30pm but he don't want to let me go and ended up in his new house for a walk hahahaha

All I can say is... his house is damn freaking big and nice!!! So futuristic wtf. He planned to bring me to his 2 condos in Mont Kiara that will be completed in a couple of months next time -_-

Another funny thing was... I totally forgot about my date of birth!

Him: How are you going to spend your birthday this year (since most of my friends are in Aus)?
Me: I don't know. I still have a week plus to plan so chill la!
Him: Hello??? A week plus? Next week already okay?
Me: Are you serious? What is the date today???
Him: 5th
Me: Shit!!!!! Omg so fast! 8th is going to come soon! Omg omg omg
Him: Erm dear... Why are you saying 8th?
Me: Huh? My birth date is on the 8th what.
Him: What the hell??? Your birth date is on the 11th!!!! What is wrong with you????
Me: =.=''''' I.... have no idea why I thought my birth date is on the 8th.

And we both burst into laughter.

Can someone tells me what the hell is wrong with me? Firstly, I forgot that my bday is around the corner and secondly, I got my birth date wrong!!! T_T

I guess it pretty much proves that I would want to have a simple and quiet bday this year :D Every year my beloved friends will plan many many birthday surprises for me so I am truly, truly blessed to have them with me all along. However, as we grow older, I think it's time for us to take back our own job, right?

If all my friends are back from Australia (the Guyatt park, Toowong, Hawken, Taringa people!!!), I guess I'll plan something bigger but since they are not around and I'm super broke (no more allowance from family. FML.), a simple celebration is appropriate, no? :)

Bday celebration is a chance to gather with closed ones for a celebration. It doesn't matter whether it's big or small group of people! That's at least what I thought :p

So this year I'll go for dinner with some close friends to celebrate myself getting a year older! Lol! But not going to celebrate with him! Lol!!!

I still haven't fully unpack my luggage yet because I have a lot of cleaning and tidying to do in my room :( Guess what I found when I was cleaning my bookshelf to make space for my new books?


I totally forgot about making this thing! I laughed my ass off when I saw the nicknames that we all used to have back then!

Yoke Man - Egg yolk
Pik Chee - Pik Cheh
Kher Li - Curly Curly
Shin Shin - Sing sing
Siew Ling - Siew kai yik
Suet Mei - Suet Char
Florence - Flor flor
Teng - Ong kia
Me - Wan yeah (play a fool)
Mei Sin - Ho sin ku ----- Hahahah So long didn't call her that!
Xiu Yuan - Siew Yu
Thian Jeen (Ah Yan) - Din yan (crazy person) ----- Hahahahaha wtf wtf
Chee Kin - chicken
Jia Mun - Coconut Mun
Lee Ting - Lai Liu Ting ------ Hahahahahaha
Poh Yee - Po po -----*cough*
Eng Siang - Da ben siang
Lee Min - Mong cha cha
Khoon Wah - Wah suk (uncle wah)
Cheok Tho - Cheokz

LOL!!! Those lame and silly names that only high schoolers can think of! I love my times back in high school with all my darlings, not to mention living the life without much worries :)

Yesterday I went for a movie with HELP friends and The Proposal is a really good movie! Worth watching!!!! Go and watch it if you have the time people :) The dinner was good but nothing beats the time we spent on chatting and catching up with each other's life.

(Really sorry to my darlings whom I promised to watch with because my college friends wanted to watch it so I have no choice T_T Scold me!!!!)

While drama-ing yesterday midnight, I did this!

New manicure! I like to do manicure despite not doing a good job at it :p Combined 2 of my fav colours in the whole wide world - red and pearl white!!! I wanted to stick some stickers on it but I misplaced it somewhere and couldn't find it T_T

More glitterish and reddish in real life of course!

You can guess what drama I'm watching while doing my nails :p Alright off to feed my stomach! I'm famished!

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