Friday, August 21, 2009

Was forced to cancel yesterday's outing because I have eye infection. FML.

But today's outing and tomorrow's dinner cannot cancel so I'm praying hard that my eyes will get better so that people won't mistake me for wearing a red or sharingan contact lens wtf.

Life has been pretty mundane lately. Nothing to brag about because everyday I've been repeating the same thing such as window shopping (saddest thing on earth!!!), yamcha and being a non-paid family driver.

Yah... Welcome to my world. But I'm not going to complain! At least it's better than having sleepless nights due to stress (I'll have insomnia once I'm stress or have unsolved problems) or busy rushing for the endless amount of assignments :)

I sleep so much right now that you'll be surprised it's coming from me who sleep on average, 5 hours daily wtf. I have 8 hours of sleeps everyday omg! Isn't it awesome??? :D

Repainted my nails a couple of days ago ^^

My friend bought me nail polish from Etude House and I used one of it to paint my nails. Love the smooth application and the milky purple-ish pink colour! But since it looks so boring with just 1 colour on it, I added another layer of pearl white shimmers (actual name is Silky White from Elianto) on top before finishing it off with a top coat.

It looks more to the purple side before applying the layer of shimmers.


How how how? Nice???? Omg I feel so girlish now with pink manicure hahahaha~!

Since I'm not so into make up now, I decided to play with manicure instead! Dammit I only make up once ever since I came back from Australia! Soon, I'll suck at it because of the lack of practice :(

Who wants me to make up for them? Faster register because I don't usually do this. Last time I have too many friends asking me to make up for them because they like the way I do their eyes (lashes esp.) but whenever I wasn't in the mood, I'll ask them to practice themselves instead hahahaha....

Not good to overly rely on me also right? The mood is back now but I have nobody to be my guinea pig T_T

Off to read my book now! Toodles~

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