Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some traditions just have to be carried on

Sometimes cleaning or tidying the room is fun.

Because I always discover some interesting stuff to share. It gives me another idea to write instead of not updating this blog *evil laughter*

I don't care if you are not interested but you are forced to read it anyway! LOL.

This time, I discovered a pile of cards sitting nicely at the corner of my bookshelf. I paused my cleaning and took some time to read through every single cards there. This is the reason why I love cards. I love to receive cards and never would I laugh at a person for being old fashion.

With cards, it give us the opportunity to reminisce the good ol' times and the silly things that we would say to each other. I literally laughed out loudly when I read through the messages written in all the cards. Most noticeably is that people kept asking me give some guys a chance or not to be so picky with guys wtf. I have more than 10 cards with messages like that =.=

With these tangibles, I was surprised to learn that certain friends whom I'm not close to, actually did gave me cards! Looking back all these cards, it's sad to learn that some of them I've lost contact with or just not close to them anymore :(

That makes these cards even more precious, no?

All these cards were received from Form 4 onwards.

Came across a few cards that are worth sharing. Coming in first will be my birthday card given by my fellow classmates in Form 5!!! Despite having memorable and surprise bday celebrations every year by friends, the one I had in Form 5 was exceptionally memorable.

I remembered coming into class late like usual and my friends all went to hide in other classes (trying to make it seems like nobody's in class because they forgot it was my bday) and the moment I came in and settled down at my place, 1 whole bunch of them suddenly rushed in to wish me and they actually made sushi on the day before for me T_T

Some of them even have to skip their tuition class in order to make them together. We ended up eating the sushi together before the class starts. During the class, they gave me presents and a card signed by almost everyone in the class. When I thought the surprises end there, hell I was wrong! During recess time, I was ushered to the R&R area where friends from my class and other classes were there with a cake, singing birthday song for me. Still, surprises didn't end there hahaha. After school, before I get to leave the class, everyone in the class suddenly sang birthday song for me - which really surprised me a lot because they never did that for the rest of the classmates before.

I am a really blessed person. To be loved by all my friends :)

The card given was really funny because my friends went through a hell of embarrassment for it. Knowing that I admired 2 guys in school (1 being real. The other I just thought that he was good looking hahahaha), these girls actually waited in front of the class for them to sign the card omfg!!!!!!

Funniest thing was, they said it was another friend of mine's bday (who was standing beside him) and asked him to sign hahahahaha I almost died of laughing.

2 very precious signatures that I'll never forget :p

Thank you SO SO SO much for everything girls. I'll never forget this. Never :)

First bday card received from uni friends.

I think this is worth sharing because Joe Ee's message there which reads: Grow longer hair next time ya :D

=___________='''' What's wrong with my hair?

Andy even signed off as Chong cai hahahahaha. It was a nickname given by me to him last time.

Second birthday card received from uni friends, which is also the prettiest handmade card ever received :)

Thank you ya all~! ^^

All cards ranging from bdays to CNY to Xmas - received from 2003-2009.

Weirdest card was from Florence. It was a CNY card written with nothing other than 2 words - study hard. -_-

Florence, I didn't study hard meh???? Even so, don't stress me during CNY can or not? T_T


Just found another pile of cards in the drawer :) These cards were received from Std 6 till Form 3!

Cutest card will be this one drawn by my cousin sister!

Wahhhh... I got so fat or not??? T___T

Like it when she drew my younger bro bodoh-bodoh like that hahahaha...

Thankiuuu for all the cards!

Can you spot something VERY wrong from the pile of cards above? SEE PROPERLY!

How come got Aaron Kwok's face there? He was never my idol. I've never liked him before. So why is the card with his face printed given to me? That's the weirdest good luck card ever!!!!!!

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