Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PC Fair, July 2009

So that was the first event that I attended since I came back to Malaysia! Omg in a blink of eyes, I'm back for a week already!!!

Blink some more and I'll turn a year older soon :(

Those who know me well, knew about this already. Those who just got to know me probably didn't know about this - I like to go to the PC Fair a lot! For whatever reason, I love going over whether I have things to purchase or not, or simply to update myself with the latest gadgets in the market :) That's why you'll get to see me there 3 times a year! Lol.

I was so delighted to learn that I was just in time for the mid-year PC Fair! :D

I went on the last day and bought a couple of stuff. To my surprise, the turnout for this year wasn't as promising as before. I believe it might due to a couple of reasons - 1) the economy 2) I was there too early or 3) people were afraid of the riots in KL.

I think it was the latter, evidently from the number of polices and securities at the Pasar Seni lrt station. However, dad, brother, LMing (bro's friend who grew up with us =.=), my uncle and myself went ahead because hardcores like us just.don't.care.

Love the bangles that Xu and Suann bought for me as my advanced birthday gift! :p Will take pic of all of it next time! I love the bangles so much that I kept wearing them out everyday!!! Both of them just knew what I like soooo well.

And that's my tribal-inspired bag that I got from Australia. Everyone said that it's pretty xD
Not cheap!!!

Besides the lesser turnout, I realised that there were quite a number of people who wore mask! Everyone looked like Kakashi wtf. And I find it weird whenever they stare at me because I can only see their eyes.

Bro commented that I looked like those showgirls there because of the way I dressed -_______-

I wasn't over-dressed (cuz I wore shorts and sandals)! It was top that glammed everything up! ^^

That's my fav purple top from Niichii :D

Clearer photo of it can be seen during Yung Hui's 21st bday last year :)

Anyhow, bought a couple of stuff like...

Earphone for my Ipod in my fav colour :D

Not sure if it's the same as Xu's. But my bro recommended Sensonic (because poor+unemployed people like me cannot afford good brand like Senheiser T_T) so I went ahead and purchase it.

500GB External HDD in my fav colour :p

What annoys me is that the maximum space for portable HDD is only 500GB! Wtf so little!!! But I needed 1 desperately because my old+bulky HDD is full now so I have no choice. I was told that Western Digital and Seagate are 2 good brands but I ended up with WD because I walked past Seagate booth and was lazy to go all the way back to purchase it hahahaha

Brother didn't help me to buy a new pendrive so I guess I have to drop by at Digital Mall next time to buy it myself :|

Dad bought us a new videocam -_-

He said that our family needs to have 1 just in case so he went ahead and purchase them because he thinks it's cheap. But not in my fav colour though! :(

What a waste of money! I would prefer him to give me the money to spend instead!!

I was asked to pick the colour but since I can't pick my fav red, I went for the second best - green. Love the colour!

This video cam is really small and compact! Haven't test it out yet because it was still charging but will do so later ;)

All purchases on dad :p

On another note, one of my blog reader messaged me in msn saying that he saw me in PC Fair! Lol!!! It never fails to amuse me whenever I have people telling me that they recognise me on the street because these people only remember my face from my photos! I used to approve random people who add me in Friendster so I get that a lot back then. But now, my FB is strictly for friends only!

Well, my point is, next time nudge me and say hi! I'm not a stucked up person okay? xD

(To clarify, I don't simply approve random people other than my friends in msn but he said that he'll help me with my blog's html that's why I approved him)

After the PC Fair, I took a walk in KLCC before joining Florence and WMun in Sg Wang. Wanted to buy new pumps/heels/sandals but couldn't find anything nice due to time constraint. We immediately rushed back for dinner and then out again for our yamcha session with friends! Miss seeing some of their faces so much and it was such a fun night :)

Like what they guys said, "Since Wan Yian is back, we can tease her again" T_T

Alright. I need some time to get used to people calling me Wan Yian all the time. I am soooooo used to people calling me Jaclyn back in Aus and I prefer being called that way more :p And my ex-colleagues call me Jaclyn too! Besides, I do feel a bit weird to speak Canto most of the time instead of Eng.

Gimme some time okay? I need some time to get back my grip on my Canto and I wanna polish my Mandarin tooooo! Someone teach me Mandarin!!!

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